10 Fantastic Fall Sensory Play with Leaves

Fall is such a lovely time of year! The temperatures change, the colors are vibrant and comforting, and the mood is warm! One of our favorite parts of fall are all the amazing leaves of different sizes, shapes, and textures. If you are a regular here, you probably know how much importance we place on including sensory play into our daily activities. That’s why I’ve rounded up some fantastic fall sensory play ideas with leaves.

Fall Sensory Play with Leaves


Leaf play is such a basic part of almost every kids’ childhood, that sometimes I feel like the simplicity overshadows the amazing developmental and sensory benefits. Today, I am over at Melissa & Doug explaining the sensory benefits of leaf play.

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Are you ready for some pretty awesome sensory play ideas with leaves? I have to start by telling you, that I found too many to feature! I have included them all on my Fall Pinterest board and hope to make another round-up of all the awesomeness, so you can have a place to find anything and everything related to leaves, because if your kids are anything like mine, they will naturally be interested in them this time of year!

10 Fall Sensory Play Ideas

Make mess free, removable window paintings. A beautiful Fall art activity that captures the season's magic and brings all the beautiful colours inside. From My Little 3 and Me

Leaf Window Clings | My Little 3 and Me

Get out the finger paints, the tempera paints, or the acrylics for this wonderful sensory play turned art idea. Make leaf window clings that are just fabulously beautiful. In fact, we did this last year and left them up for quite some time because they were so pretty! Perfect for tactile sensory input!

fall snsory jars

Leaf Sensory Jars | Blog Me Mom

We LOVE sensory bottles around here! Naturally, we fell in love with these sensory bottles for the fall! Gather up some leaves and keep them safe. Perfect for visual sensory input!

Crumbled Leaf Confetti | Cute and Peculiar

I am in love with this wonderful tactile experience for fall! Take all those dry and crisp leaves you find on your scavenger hunts and turn them into natural confetti! We might just be doing this tomorrow!

Leaf Play Dough | Here Come The Girls

While this is not real leaf play, it is a great way to encourage young children to discuss what they are noticing in nature, while incorporating sensory play! Play dough is excellent for tactile and proprioceptive sensory input!

Leaf name game - perfect for fall!

Leaf Name Game | The Pleasantest Thing

I am in love with this name game with leaves. The possibilities are endless. You could do this with sight words, thematic words, names, places, etc… endless! I also love how this can be used as a vestibular sensory game by putting the leaves across the room, on the other side of the yard, or on an obstacle course. Matching games are fantastic for visual sensory input, as well!

Sensory Benefits of Leaf Play

Leaf Pile Jumping | Proprioceptive Play

This classic fall game can be played at any age! Take a running start and jump into a pile of leaves. At our house we did a variety of challenges to mix it up a tad. We added spins, dives, tumbles and more to include both proprioceptive and vestibular play in our day!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Autumn Scavenger Hunt | Hodge Podge Craft

Engage all the senses with a fall scavenger hunt! Hear the leaves crinkle under your feet, smell the crisp air, blow the leaves into piles, search for small treasures, feel the leaves and surroundings, and run and jump through the woods. Seriously, I can’t think of a more sensory filled autumn experience! Can you?

Leaf Clay Bowls | Red Ted Art

I know, I know, you are probably thinking… how are these sensory? Right? Well, did you know that pressing clay, rolling dough and making leaf prints is amazing proprioceptive input, not to mention the tactile sensory input you get. Wait, and then you are left with these totally rad bowls. Okay, I am sure you see why I included them now.

Acorn Toss | Toddler Approved

Okay, Okay…I know they aren’t leaves.. but if you are out and about playing with leaves, you most likely are going to run into some pinecones and will be looking for some fun sensory play to go along with them, right? This is great for vestibular input and visual motor planning!

Leaf Nests | Let Kids Create

What kid doesn’t love being surrounded by leaves? Well, actually, if your child is a tactile avoider this might drive them nuts. However, my kids love this! Over and over again they bury themselves! I love this proprioceptive play idea to create a nest out of the leaves!


More Fall Sensory Play Ideas

Remember how I told you I had the hardest time just choosing 10 sensory play ideas? Well, I have collected them all on my Fall Pinterest board and you can still save them too! I’ve also added just a few more resources for you, just in case you are still looking for more fall sensory play!

Toddler Sensory Play with Apple Picking | Lemon Lime Adventures

Autumn Play Collection (40 Ideas) | Imagination Tree

45+ Fall Sensory Play Ideas | Nurturestore
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So tell me, what are you planning to do with your kiddos when the leaves fall? What is your favorite way to include sensory play in your everyday life? I’d love to hear! Better yet, I’d love to see a picture! You can share them with me on  FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email in the sidebar.

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