A-MAZE-ing Sensory Friendly Valentine Printable

Being a mom to a child with sensory needs, you better believe that I am all about non-candy Valentines. We’re going to share a bunch of sensory-based Valentine’s soon so I wanted to kick things off with this A-MAZE-ing Sensory Friendly Valentine with a free printable!

Non-Candy Sensory Friendly Valentine Printable: Valentine, You're A-MAZE-ing! Nix the junky candy and send these cute sensory valentines to school with your children. Bonus: kids can help assemble these easy printable Valentine's for their friends

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We love fidgets and sensory tools in our house – they are a great way for sensory seeking kids to get out a bit of energy and focus on something calming. Especially when kids are going to be overloaded on sugar, fidgets can be a sanity saver.

When I found these cute heart-shaped mazes at our local party store, I knew they would make the perfect alternative for our non-candy Valentine’s!

Materials for non-candy valentine printable - you probably already have everything you need on hand, except for the mazes!

How To Make This Printable Sensory Friendly Valentine

First, gather your materials:

  • “Valentine, You’re A-MAZE-ing!” Printable (download at the bottom of this post)
  • Clear school glue
  • Small party favor mazes
  • Scissors (or pre-cut the printable)

I printed the Valentine’s onto white cardstock, but if you want to save on colored ink you can set the printer to print in black and white and print directly on red or pink cardstock – it’s completely up to you.

Once you have your materials, these easy Valentine’s come together in just a few minutes – and really, the only material you probably don’t have are those little mazes which you can order now or pick up on your next shopping trip (I just saw some at the Target Dollar Spot where they even have free in-store pickup. )

How to make maze valentines - a sweet non-candy option for a SPD-friendly Valentine's Day

Simply cut out the Valentine’s – this is a great fine motor activity for the kids – and add a dab of clear glue to the back of each heart-shaped maze.

I find clear glue just a tad easier to remove from things than white school glue, but use what you have on hand.

How to make maze valentines - three steps to homemade Valentine's!

Next, have your child firmly place the maze in the center of their printable. This is a great hand-eye coordinating activity and you can even have your child place a small “X” with a pencil where they want their maze to go.

Leave these to dry at least 15 minutes before packaging them up for school.

Valentine, (4)

Download your free non-candy Valentine printable by clicking here.

Click to download

Sensory Friendly Valentine's Printable for Sensory Seeking Kids. Nix the sugary junk and send your children to school with these fun fidgets for their friends!

Would your kids love making their own non-candy sensory friendly Valentine for their friends? What do you plan on sending to school with your kids this year?

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