Super Fun Activities to Help Kids Recognize Big Emotions

Just the other day we were sitting at the kitchen table when I heard the oldest scream at his three-year-old sister… STOP IT! Immediately, time seemed to stop. I didn’t see her do anything, I didn’t see the build up. What in the world could have gotten into this kid to make him haul off on his sister like that seemingly out of the blue?
I wanted to say “Woah, hold up, buddy. Don’t talk to your sister that way.” Instead, I could see the irritation on his face and could see he was struggling to even identify with the emotions he was having, so I held my tongue, took a deep breath and gently said, “That was really loud. It seems like you might be angry with your sister. Would you agree with this feeling?”
With big tears in his eyes, he looked up at me and said, “No. I’m not angry. I don’t know what’s wrong.”  It was then I realized that my son didn’t actually have the words to describe how he was feeling and he didn’t know how to retrieve the solutions from his toolbox in the heat of the moment.
Simple Ways to Teach Emotions to Kids that Lack Social Skills
Kids feel emotions in big ways! Coaching kids through these emotions is important in helping them grow and work through anxiety or anger. And thankfully, we have these super fun activities to help kids recognize big emotions.

Teaching emotions can be done in a variety of fun ways. Printables, books and hands-on play activities all help teach the concepts of feelings and develop emotionally intelligent kids.

Printables to Help Kids Recognize Emotions

Super Fun Printable Activities to Help Kids Recognize Emotions!

Monstrous Emotions PrintableLemon Lime Adventures

Exploring Emotions Game with Free Printable Cards| Sunny Day Family

Lego Drawing Emotions with Printable | Little Bins for Little Hands 

Emotions Free Printable Board GameLife Over C’s

Ceasar the Emotional Dragon | Lemon Lime Adventures

Printable Pumpkin Faces Matching ActivityPractical Mommy

Emotions Printable Card GameChildhood 101

The Emotional RobotLemon Lime Adventures

Managing Your Feelings Printable Pack | Kori at Home

Activities and Games to Help Kids Recognize Big Emotions

Fun Activities and Games to Help Kids Recognize Emotions!

Emotions Discovery Bottles | LalyMom

How Am I Feeling Social Skills Game | Mosswood Connections

Toddler Emotions Activity | Schooling a Monkey

Teaching Kids Emotional Intelligence  | Mama Smiles

Guess the Emotion Game | School Time Snippets

Exploring Emotions Jenga Game | Childhood 101

Apple Puppets and Story about Feelings | Best Toys for Toddlers

How to Teach Kids About Out of this World Big Emotions With Fun Games

Click here to print a FREE Robot Emotions Printable

Activities with Books to Help Kids Recognize Emotions

Super Fun Book Activities to Help Kids Recognize Emotions!

Write a Color Poem: Inspired by My Many Colored Days | School Time Snippets

Simple Lesson About Emotions | Bambini Travel

Quick as a Cricket Empathy Activity | Sugar Aunts

Managing Emotions with Free Printables & Books | Natural Beach Living

However you choose to help kids recognize emotions, you are building the foundation for strong social and emotional development. Just know that the work that you’re doing now will pay off ten-fold when your kids have the emotional intelligence to recognize their own emotions and triggers and start to self-regulate!

Exciting Ways to Teach Emotions to Kids

I’d love to know! What are some of your favorite ways to teach and learn about emotions?

The Complete Printable Calming Kit For Kids

Want even more resources for calming your child in all the right places?

We are excited to announce our NEW Monthly Calming Printable Kits. This month we have created a Robot Themed Printable Calming Kit that is complete with a visually calming activity pack, a feelings kit, a sensory break kit and bonus coloring pages.

You can get all of these resources for one low bundle price! To make it even more awesome, we have created 2 more bundles that include our new Robot chewable jewelry and our Wacky Tracks fidgets.

Perfect for home, school or on the go! Calm worries, wiggles and sensory overload with this complete Robot Calming Kit, perfect for all ages.

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Resources for Helping Angry and Anxious Kids Self-Regulate

15 Simple Sensory Activities That Teach Mindfulness
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For more Adventures in Emotions, Check Out:

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  1. Helping children learn to recognize and handle complicated feelings can be tricky. You found some awesome resources to help children and parents navigate through learning about their feelings and how to handle them. A great resource!

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