Celebrating Motherhood: Real Stories from Real Moms

Motherhood is a funny thing. It brings joy, sadness, laughter and frustrations. Motherhood can be the most rewarding job on the planet most days, but it can also be the hardest. Day in and day out we are on the battlefield, wiping noses and cultivating future stars. Sometimes I think the beauty of motherhood can get lost in all of it. Lost in the snot, lost in the tears, lost in the yelling.

Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and remember. Remember how it started. Picture the moments that make us smile. The moments that make it all worth while!

Celebrate Motherhood

What better way to celebrate motherhood, than to to remember the day it all began. The day I became a mother to each of my children. I am choosing to remember the beginning, the change they brought and the new experiences they presented. Each so different and so unique. Each one forever changing our lives. Each one opening new doors and teaching me new life lessons around every turn.

The First Time I Became  a Mom: July 2005

Newborn Picture at the Hospital

It was like nothing I could have ever imagined. Holding my little one for the very first time. Two weeks late, 24 hours of labor, and weighing in at only 6 lbs 13 oz. , Legoman entered my world and stole my heart. He was perfect! Little did I know that this little guy would not only teach me the joys of motherhood, but would teach me to be a better me, challenge me to see the world differently, and encourage me to love like I never knew was possible.

Every day, I am amazed by him. The way he sees the world, his uncanny ability to grasp any concept and his inquisitve nature to understand how and why everything works the way it does. Today, I celebrate how he has made me more accepting of things I don’t understand, how he has changed the way I approach problems in my life and most of all, how he has taught me to love unconditionally (even when he doesn’t always no how to love me back).

Then There Were Two: August 2007

Newborn Picture of baby and sibling

These two loves could not be more different, more unique, and more perfect than they are. After a long but relaxed (yep, you read that right) labor, Bones entered this world at 9 lb 10 oz. Immediately, he fell asleep. We like to joke that this boy slept the whole first year of his life. When he was awake he was happy and hungry. When he was asleep, he was adored. The bond was immediate and unending. Legoman was smitten and so was I. It was only later that I would learn that this little addition to our family would become my sunshine, brightening even the worst of days with his smiles and hugs.

Oh his hugs. No matter where we go, what time of day, or the occasion, he is always there with hugs, smiles and lots of laughs. Think 3 Stooges or Tom and Jerry… all jokes, all the time. But his heart, it is so big! Today I celebrate how he has taught me to be thoughtful of others, love without question, and how to empathize with the world running by.

Finally, SHE Arrived : May 2013

Newborn Picture with Siblings

 I was DONE… with Captital Letters.. DONE! I couldn’t imagine another child until I fell in love with my husband. We used to joke, if someone could assure us that our child together would be a girl, we would welcome her. We joked. Little did we know… we were going to get that girl but she was NOT going to make it easy. From the beginning of the pregnancy until the day I broke down and asked to be induced… this girl was IN CHARGE! There were scares, false labors, varicose veins in places I didn’t know existed and then she was still late to the party (by 2 weeks). Never, did I imagine that I experience so many new feelings and experiences as a mom until I had this little 7 lb, 7 oz bundle of love! After having 2 children, I thought it would all be the same… boy, was I wrong.

Super B continues to amaze me everyday with her interest in the world around her (especially outside and nature). I never knew a little bitty could be so astute to nature at such a young age. She lights up this house and our world. Her brothers are in constant amazement of her and are forever changed because of her addition to our family. Today I celebrate how she has taught me to be open to new possibilities, accept change and the future with open arms and how she has taught me to cherish the family and bonds we are cultivating.

Today I celebrate being a mom. Today I celebrate motherhood.

celebrating motherhood quotes

Real Stories | Real Moms

Okay, Okay! Enough with the sap from me. However, if you are anything like me, you eat this stuff up. You love reading heart to heart stories from other moms that tell their story. Honestly, I can’t wait to sit down, coffee in hand for my “me time”  to get to know each and every one of these moms a little better. We have stories of single moms, moms with heartache, moms that fought long and hard to become the mom they are, and much more! The story of motherhood is different for every mother and has a place to be told!

Will you join me with a cup of coffee, tea or your beverage of choice and sit, relax and connect with these Real Moms?

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Find out what Real Moms like you are saying about becoming a mother. Over in our Facebook community, I asked for Real Moms to tell their story… I can’t wait to hear yours.

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  1. Dayna — You truly rock. Thanks for pulling this amazing baby extravaganza together. I’m excited to read everyone’s stories throughout the week and am proud to be a blogging mama with you.

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

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  4. I am so glad I found this blog and am proud to be part of the giveaway 🙂

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  9. Sue Hendricks

    Having a child is the greatest, most wonderful thing on this earth! I don’t have children; a huge gaping whole in my life that is filled by being a nanny. At 55, post menopausal with 8+ auto immune illnesses, it is the best I can do in this life. But ladies, my heart fills with happiness for all of you who have been truly blessed with having a child or even more wonderful, children! Having a child reach for your hand when their learning to walk, or them throwing themselves into your arms because they’re so happy to see you, or rocking them to sleep tight against your heart and chest…nothing nothing nothing compares to those feelings. The word love doesn’t even come close to explaining the feelings I have for those children I have been entrusted to take care a few hours a day. I just am so happy for all mom’s to have this joy and love in their lives. And I’m so grateful, so very very grateful, to all of you who share their children with me and other women who have missed out on being a mom themselves. Thank you!

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