DIY Chewable Teething Necklace for Older Kids

You might have heard of a DIY chewable teething necklace for babies and toddler that moms wear. They are adorable and perfect for babies needing something to soothe them while in mom’s hands. I figured… why do these have to just be for babies? Why not make a DIY chewable teething necklace for older kids that chew everything?

DIY Chewable Necklace Jewelry for Oral Sensory Input

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We love our chewable jewelry around here. Everyone from our son who struggles with sensory needs to our toddler loves to chew and fidget with them. However, sometimes we get tired of buying new ones. To be honest, our oldest son struggles to find the perfect chewable option, so we are always experimenting. This is the first of many DIY chewable jewelry options we have been making lately.

DIY Chewable Teething Necklace for Older Kids

What You Need to Make a DIY Chewable Teething Necklace

Materials for DIY Chewable Jewelry or Teething Necklace

While we found all of our materials at our local dollar store, you could also get them on amazon for ease.

Wooden Beads
Shoelaces (or longer ribbon if an adult is wearing this)
Thin Knee High Socks, Tights or Hose (you want something thin)

Break Away Clasp for safety

How to Make Your DIY Chewable Teething Necklace

DIY Beaded wooden teething necklace with fabric

When I first started I strung all the beads on and then planned to put the sock over the necklace, but I found it too hard to keep all the beads in place. You can do it this way, but I wanted to share that I decided it was easiest to start with one bead at a time.

Tips for making DIY inexpensive chewable necklace for kids

Start by cutting the toes off the socks or tights. String your lace through your sock and make sure you have it even across the lace. Fold your lace in half and and make a knot in the middle of your necklace.

How to make chewable jewelry and teething necklaces for kids that chew and bite

After you have your first knot, you can add your first bead to either side. I have pictured it here without the sock covering it so you can see what I am talking about. After you place the bead after the knot, cover the knot with the sock and make another knot after the bead.

Knotted DIY Teething Necklace

Continue to do this until you run out of sock on each side. Starting with the knot first and then the beads ensures you keep your necklace and beads even. Believe me, I tried this the other way about 4 times before figuring out this work around.

DIY Teething Necklace from the Dollar Store

Using Your DIY Teething Necklace for Older Kids

You might be surprised that I am offering advice to make a teething necklace for an older child. The thing is… these are great for young children when a mother wears it around their neck, but as children get older, they still need this oral and proprioceptive input in their mouths. You might want a longer lace or cord, but these are perfect for any age. If you are worried about a choking hazard, I would highly recommend a break away clasp added to the necklace, or turning this into a bracelet for a fidget.

DIY Chewable Necklace for Older Kids

This version provides several textures for your oral seeker to chew on. Then, when when you are ready to clean it, simply pop it in the wash, hang dry and you are ready to go again. What a super simple solution to a kid who seems to chew everything.

DIY Chewable Jewelry and Teething Necklace for Older Kids

Not only can this be used as a necklace, but it can also be used as a bracelet. My son, actually thought this was too heavy as a necklace but he loved it as a bracelet and fidget. It makes this version super versatile.

DIY Chewable Bracelet for Kids who Chew Everything

More Resources for Oral Sensory Input

Did you land on this project and you aren’t really sure why an older child might need a chewable necklace? Still wanting more answers about chewing and biting in your child? Here are some resources I think you will find extremely helpful.

Beginner’s Guide to Oral Sensory Processing
Sensory Processing Explained: Oral Sensory Processing
10 Things Parents Should Know About Thumb Sucking

In addition, if you are looking for  more chewable options you don’t have to make, you might love our sister store, Project Sensory where we have chewable jewelry, water bottles with bite valves, and even chewable rulers for all your oral sensory needs. 

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    Hi are this safe?choke hazard? Am desperately look for ideas for my 5 year old who has Autism and sensory. She has chewed through the baby necklace

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