DIY Lego Natural Hand Sanitizer

Getting my kids to keep their hands clean isn’t the easiest task. Because of my son’s sensory needs, I feel like I am constantly saying, take your fingers out of your mouth, don’t touch that, and go wash your hands. So last summer, during a week-long battle to get my oldest to stay clean and healthy, I came up with a brilliant plan if I might say so myself. I used his obsessive love for Lego to make something he would want to you. I made this super simple DIY Lego Natural Hand Sanitizer and wouldn’t you know it, he started to wash his hands.

DIY Lego Hand Sanitizer

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I know what you might be thinking… “so you are telling me that adding a little Lego guy to your soap made your guy wash his hands more?” The simple answer to that is… No. However, the long answer is that in a way it really did make the difference in the number of times he went to the sink or the bathroom to “wash” his hands.

You see, for a kid who always has something in his mouth, he is prone to get germy pretty quickly. After I made the Lego natural hand sanitizer, I heard a lot less moans and even a few “Oh Cool”s.

How to Make DIY Lego Natural Hand Sanitizer

What you need

The process for making the hand sanitizer is actually super simple (isn’t this how we always roll). Basically, all you need to do is mix all of the ingredients in a bowl together. Really, it’s that easy.

Now, we are huge fans of mason jars and jelly jars in our house, so it seemed only fitting to add our hand sanitizer to a small mason jar and fit it with this super cool Soap Dispenser Adaptor for Mason Jar.

Simple DIY Lego Hand Sanitizer

Finally, add in your Lego bricks and Mini-figures. I will be the first to tell you that your mini-figure is not always going to stand upright like this. However, that is half the fun. Your kids will love shaking the jar and watching your Lego dance about. It is very similar to the way the Lego guy moves around in our Lego Calm Down Jar.

Now, let me go ahead and clear the air. You see, I get comments all the time about how putting a mini-figure in a craft or in a soap like this would infuriate their child. By all means, do not make your child mad. However, I want to stretch your thinking and your child’s. For our child, who can have his set ways and mindset, we buy a special Lego guy that is used JUST for the project. He knows before we buy him, he knows what it is for and I have complete buy-in from him.

This is really important. Please… I repeat, PLEASE do not go taking your child’s favorite Lego guy while your child is busy and then expect them to be happy. This is not end well for anyone and then you will end up hating me. I don’t want that!

Lego Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

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