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10 Secrets Every Parent Should Know About Parenting an Anxious Child...

Hey there, I'm Dayna from

I am not a therapist. 
I am not a doctor. 
I am not a social worker. 


I am a parent of an anxious child. 
I am a National Board Certified teacher. 
I am just like you.

For the first seven years of my son's life I thought I was a bad parent. I had tried everything in the books, followed advice suggested by friends and family, however, nothing seemed to work to calm my little boy.

As he got older, it only got worse. I'll never forget the day of his first meltdown. That day I would have given anything to help my child. 

In a world of meltdowns, outbursts, and big emotions, how do you find calm?  

I was frustrated. 
I was alone. 
I was scared. 

All I wanted was to soothe my child and connect with him again. 

How could I possibly be the parent I always imagined without strategies that worked? 

I have been researching for the past two years to find answers to those questions so both my son and I can find calm in all the chaos. I have found some pretty amazing resources and learned some secrets along the way. I can't wait to share them with you so I've put together this little e-mail course just for you: Calm the Chaos, The Secrets to Parenting an Anxious Child. 

What others who have taken the course are saying: 

"Dayna's  Calm the Chaos course is a life-saver and a game-changer! Small, manageable bites of info, presented in a loving manner are woven through Dayna's own parenting challenges. I absolutely LOVE the daily journal prompts! I would highly recommend this course to any parent looking for strategies for supporting herself and her child with care and compassion, no matter how difficult it may seem. This has been a really well-put together class."
~ Jennifer Lawrence, ATR,

"Calm the Chaos gave me the exact tools I needed to start making a positive change for our anxious child. Dayna was there every step of the way walking us through our journey. I highly recommend this course!"
~ Lauren Tamm,

You will get 10 secrets every parent should know about parenting an anxious child so you can both take control of the chaos!

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