Thrifty Sensory Play For Baby

We love the thrift store and recycled materials. Just the other day, while we were at the thrift store we found some amazing treasures. One of the fabulous finds at the thrift store were these amazing strands of beads which were perfect for {supervised} baby play!
Thrifty Sensory Play

The first material I want to showcase is one of my favorites because it provides quick and easy sensory play opportunities for Super B. Super B is currently 6 months old and I feel is the perfect age for sensory play.

Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

We found a bag of christmas garland for $2.50 at the thrift store. It was perfect. It had 5 strands of beads that resembled various pearls.


After cleaning and drying the beads, I simply put the strands in a wicker basket and presented them to Super B when she was well rested.

Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

At first, she peeked into the basket and curiously looked at me, and soon she became interested in the contents of the bucket.

Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

One thing I am trying to teach her right now is “not for the mouth”, since she has two older brothers who both love tiny toys. This lesson is not always successful, as you can see here.

Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

Super B explored the beads for a surprisingly long period of time. We draped the beads over her. We poured the beads onto the floor. We squeezed the beads and she felt as the beads ran through her hands like water.

Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

Super B oohed and ahhed. She babbled as I told her of the textures.  Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

She listened to the sounds as I ran my hands through the beads, and she kicked her legs with glee as I wrapped her up.

Thrifty quick sensory play for baby

So next time you are at a thrift store, or when you start to decorate for the holidays; don’t be afraid to use an every day item as a way of sensory play for your baby.

I would love to hear about your favorite thrift store finds and/or sensory finds for your baby. What do you return to over and over? What would you suggest to someone just staring on a budget?

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More Baby Sensory Play

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*Please always supervise your infant/children during activities and stay at an arms length. Never leave your infants/children unattended during play or any activity.


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15 thoughts on “Thrifty Sensory Play For Baby”

  1. Nonna Rita

    What a great Sensory Play for Super B. We need to look for strands of colorful jewels, for her Christmas boxes. I am so impressed with your Homeschooling also including Super B. Great Job and Wonderful Ideas.

  2. Great find! I adore your daughter’s facial expressions as she explored the beads.

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  4. Hi Danya. Thank you fro sharing your first post on our Facebook page! Super B looks like she’s having a blast! Great captures too. Don’t you just love great thrift store scores?! Hope to see you this Wednesday for share day!

    1. Thank you so much. I really can’t wait to “meet” all the other great bloggers out there. Thanks for reading. I’m working on writing up the other great finds we found that day, Maybe for Wednesday 🙂

  5. I love the pics – she looks like she’s having a blast! I wish I had known more about all this sensory play when my little one was younger!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Super B is expressive and seems to enjoy most things we expose her to, so it’s super fun to try new things.

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