What Did We Do Today: Day 19

What do we do in homeschool all day?

Our Guide to Daily Lesson Plans, Activities, and Resources

Every day I will post our lesson plans of what we plan to do in homeschool and each night I hope to update how the day went.  Some days the update may be brief and other days I might give you some sneak peeks into great fun we had. My goal is to use this part of the blog as a place to document our learning and hopefully provide resources for other homeschooling parents.

Hope to get accomplished:

  • Continue the Deschooling process
  • Advent Calendar: (three activities) I keep getting behind!homeschool lessons
    • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    • Necklaces and Bracelet Gift Making
    • Hot Cocoa Buffet
  • Writing:
    • Write a letter to the Elf
    • Beginning, Middle and End (focus)
  • Reading
    • Legoman: Chapter 7 of Bunnicula
      • Dictionary
      • Comprehension questions
    • Bones Read more Scruffy
      • Word Work
      • Sight word games
    • Read to both boys
  • Online Learning Time
    • IXL (math practice)
  • Science
  • Project work-attempt to finish these
    • Bones: Hat Project
    • Legoman: Tittle Turkey

    I think the projects might get tossed…. do you ever do that? Start something with your kids and they lose interest before you finish? How do you handle that?

Notes for today:

  • We needed to run errands and the boys wanted to visit Santa. This took a good chunk of our day today

Actually accomplished…

    • Continue the Deschooling processhomeschool lessons
      • Advent Calendar: (too many activities) Still Behind!
        • Build a City (finish)
        • Necklaces and Bracelet Gift Making
        • Salt Dough Ornaments (finish)
        • Pancakes for Dinner
        • Calm Down Jars
      • Writing:
        • Christmas Project
      • Reading
      • Math
        • IXL (math practice)
      • Science
        • Calm Down Jars
      • Project work-attempt to finish these
        • Bones: Hat Project
        • Legoman: Tittle Turkey

Reflections on today

homeschool lessons As we get closer to the new year, I am reflecting each day on how homeschool is going. I am starting to talk about my reflections with the boys. I noticed today I am saying things such as “In the new year, we are going to…” or ” I have noticed this, which needs a change…” The boys seem to be pretty receptive to the changes I am planning to implement. Some of the changes will be for their learning purposes and some are for my sanity. For example, I think there will be a Mandated alone time every day. This will benefit the children because Bones is unable to play independantly. He desperately wants someone in the same room as him, and Legoman just needs a break from people sometimes and needs to level out. It will be invaluable to me as I never sit anymore. I never do housework, prepping, etc until 10pm, which is getting tiring.

As for learning goals, we are talking a lot about our science project being focused on Rocks. Both boys are interested and continue to come back to the idea. As far as math, Legoman is interested in multiplication and would like to learn the facts. He fully understands how multiplication works, but has difficulty remembering (this is part of his disability, but something we can teach with specific stategies). Bones is in desperate need to learn math facts. He is finally ready for this challenge. I am not sure he was developmentally ready before now. Both boys will need a lot of hands on activities and minimal worksheets.

Pancakes for dinner was a huge success and I think it should be added to our monthly meal plan. Delish!

Did I tell you Super B has a new tooth and is crawling EVERYWHERE!

Have you checked out Elf’s adventures yet?

Want more ?

   What did we do yesterday?…                           What will we do tomorrow?…

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3 thoughts on “What Did We Do Today: Day 19”

  1. I didn’t know how close in age our little ones are… looks like a big to do list. I want to make calm down jars this week too! Have you made a weighted blanket yet? I’m trying to decide if I want to try again to tackle that project.

    1. We had so much fun making the calm down jars and I look forward to posting about them. I wish they were allowed in the plane. I might just have to make them with the cousins, too. That way we have them for out of town visits to my moms.
      I want so badly to make a weighted blanket. We haven’t yet. I did make a sensory toolkit when my son was in school that was extremely helpful.It included weights.
      I look forward to connecting more with you.

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