Top 10 Must-Try Christmas Science Experiments for Kids

Planning for the holidays and Christmas isn’t any fun unless you add some science into the mix. It is pretty evident that we love science around here and we love making it more about the end result than just the demonstration. That’s why I’ve gathered up our all-time favorite christmas science experiments for kids. I am pretty sure you will have a blast too!

10 Must Try Christmas Science Experiments

Must Try Christmas Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments for kids can be found almost anywhere. In fact, I just put together a list of gift ideas for kids who love science experiments just the other day. There are so many classic experiments that you can find to do that take almost no time or prep at all. The ones I truly love to do with my kids are the ones that require them to think outside the box just a tad and look for answers on their own.

Physics and Chemistry Christmas Science Experiments

Christmas Physics for Kids

Christmas Egg Drop

Christmas Yarn Ornaments to Learn about Static Electricity

Building with Gum Drops

Christmas Chemistry for Kids

Dissolving Candy Canes 

Christmas Tree Crystals

Life Science and Earth Science Christmas Science Experiments for Kids

Christmas Life Science for Kids

Why Do Pinecones Open

The Science Behind Cranberries

The Science of Yeast

Christmas Earth Science for Kids

Does Snow Sink or Float?

Snow Science Experiments

Christmas Science Gifts for Kids

Steve Spangler’s Top 7 Science Gifts

Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Love Science Experiments

20 Spectacular Science Kits for Kids

So now its your turn to tell me what your favorite Christmas Science Experiment is! What do you love trying this time of year and what is on your wish list to try next? I can’t wait to hear all about it!

must try science experiments for kids

More Christmas Science Experiments or Kids

Simple Christmas Science

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I’ve joined several of my favorite people to bring you our monthly Top Ten lists! This month, everyone is sharing a Top Ten list for anything and everything Christmas and Holiday. There are more than 150 ideas represented here! How cool is that!

top 10 christmas and holiday ideas for kids

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STEAM Kids Christmas Steam projects

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