Travel Kit to Motivate & Involve Children {Free Printables}

This time of year many of us are getting geared up for family travel . In my family, we just finished our first round visiting family and will be gearing up to travel again soon. Traveling with kids, no matter how many, can be frustrating and stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few basic tips and involve the kids in the process. Many people can’t believe that I have our kids prepare for all of their trips and that they actually enjoy packing. Today I plan to share a free printable travel kit that includes a some of our favorite lists and games we use around here.

Travel with Kids packing


The key to preparing for any trip with children is to get them excited and involved in the process. Today, I am over at Melissa and Doug sharing 7 Must Read Tips to Get Your Kids Excited about Travel.

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Anytime we have a trip on the horizon, my kids get super excited because they know they get to help with the packing. Since they were able to walk, they have been responsible for various parts of packing and preparing for our family travel. One of their favorite things, is when I make them each individual lists to take around the house as they gather their things.

I have found that having a son with Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety, preparing for a trip can bring on all sorts of emotions and behaviors. However, when we involve him in the process of getting ready, and include him in the decision making, we are able to reduce his anxieties greatly. Providing him with lists and concrete examples cuts down on meltdowns and get him motivated for our new adventures.

Many times I write the list on our family dry erase boards from our command center, but I thought it would be fun to make a printable version for you and for us to use in the future. You can print these out and laminate them  so they can be used over and over again, or put them in a frame. I have made the printable in 4 x 6 format so that it is small and travel friendly.

Travel Kit with Free Packing Lists

Kids Packing Kit with Packing Lists Printable


Click here to download Kids Packing Kit , or click the picture above.

What does the Travel Kit include?

  • Packing Lists for Clothes
  • Packing List for Busy Bag
  • Blank Packing List
  • Packing List for Toiletries
  • Travel Journal Paper
  • Badges to use for “family jobs”

I made all of the list very simple and limited with items. I have found that giving my children too many options on one list can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating. I know there are more items that you might need for a specific trip, which is why I included a blank packing list as well.

By involving your children and getting them motivated, you are not only making packing and preparing for your trip more enjoyable, you are teaching them valuable life lessons. Your children will learn organizational skills, following directions, independence and confidence. Not to mention, the language, math and reading skills they will be working on as they run around the house gathering their travel goodies.

I hope you enjoy the travel kit and find it useful in motivating and involving your children in your travel preparations.

Kids Packing Kit Layout

How do you involve your children in travel plans and preparations? I want to know! Over in our Facebook Community, we are having a discussion about tips and ways to include the children.


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