20+ Must Try Unicorn Treats For Kids

I don’t know what it is, but my kids have recently become obsessed with all things unicorn. It has apparently become the most totally awesome mythical creature that ever existed, and I’m totally lame for not realizing it way sooner. So to gain back my official status as a “cool mom”, I’ve been looking into making some must try unicorn treats for kids, and luckily I found all of these!

20+ must try unicorn treats for all kids

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All of these unicorn treats are super tasty and fun to make! From muddie buddies to ice cream cake, there’s definitely something that even the pickiest unicorn-lover will love. Pick a few of these to make for a unicorn-themed birthday party, or make some with your kids for a fun after school snack!

20+ Must Try Unicorn Treats for Kids

Some of these treats and some savory, but they’re all totally delicious! I can’t wait to dive in and try every single one of them, and I know that my kids will love them all too!

20+ must try unicorn treats for all kids

Unicorn Poop Frosting for Cupcakes

Unicorn Poop Bark Complete with Unicorn Horns

Unicorn Floats

Unicorn Popcorn

3D Decorated Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorn Ice Cream

20+ must try unicorn treats for all kids


Unicorn Milk

Tri-Colored Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn Bars

Unicorn Ice Cream Cake

Unicorn Poop Cupcake Cones

20+ must try unicorn treats for all kids

Cereal Unicorn Food

Unicorn Sprinkle Doughnuts

Pinata Filled Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Horn Muddy Buddies

20+ must try unicorn treats for all kids

Unicorn Truffles

Unicorn Smore Popcorn Mix

White Chocolate Unicorn Bark

Unicorn Food Candy Mix

These must try unicorn treats are not only delicious, but they’re super pretty! Spend some time whipping a few of these yummy treats up for your family, and you’ll definitely be the coolest mom on the block. Well, for today, anyways!

20+ must try unicorn treats for all kids

Which of these must try unicorn treats are you going to try first?

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