20 Service Projects for Kids to Fight Hunger

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Has anyone else noticed how often our kids tell us they are starving or can’t wait for their next meal? In my home, we are all guilty of using that term loosely and not really thinking about what it really means to people (and children) around the globe that are actually starving and don’t know where their next meal will come from. In light of my recent discovery on the truth about what hunger looks like and in celebration of World Food Day, I have teamed up with our sponsor, Amway and Nutrilite to bring you 20 Service Projects for kids to help fight hunger.

20 Service Project for Kids to Help Fight Hunger

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Amway and Nutrilite. 

It has always been my goal to help my children grow to be aware of the world around them and thankful for the things they do have. This is why it bothers me so much when they casually say “I am starving.” I want to help them understand exactly what hunger looks like and how we can help others that struggle with this every day of their lives. I have been on a hunt for some simple service projects for kids that will help us fight hunger together.

20 Service Projects for Kids to Help Fight Hunger

Read Together | There are so many books you can read with your children about hunger and food that will help them be more aware of the importance of caring for others.

Make Breakfast Bags | This simple project involves gathering the kids and a few easy breakfast items and making meals to donate to the food pantry.

Scavenger Hunt and Donate | Even the youngest child will love going to the store to gather goods to donate with this awesome free printable scavenger hunt.

Mini Can Food Drive | Service projects don’t have to involve the whole city for them to be effective. Start small and have your kids help you with this simple mini can food drive!

Host a Hunger Dinner | What a fabulous way for children to really get an understanding of what others in need actually eat for a meal. This hands on experience will be emotional and will help everyone understand the importance of fighting hunger.


Pack Lunches | My kids love packing a lunch. What better way to get them involved in helping others, than to have them pack simple bag lunches for those in need.

Garden | Use vegetables and fruits from your own backyard to donate to local food pantries.

Shopping | Let kids do the shopping and make the choices when you shop for food to donate. This is the perfect time for communication about what is healthy, nutritional, and sustainable.

Magazine Thankfulness | Use magazines to help children create collages of what they are thankful for. This is just one of five simple ways you can teach preschoolers about hunger.

Secret Service | Make it fun for the kids by becoming “secret service” agents. Let the kids carry out simple service projects that help others in need.

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School Lunches | A fun project could be to pack backpacks full of food to take to your local public school. It is quick and easy which makes it great for all ages, at the same time helping children in need in your own community.

Donation Bags | Decorating paper donation bags with your toddlers and preschoolers can be a great way to get the younger kids involved in helping donate items to the local food kitchen.

Virtual Food Drive | Using a popular book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you can organize a virtual food drive just like this one.

Spread Awareness | Using these hunger awareness quotes, you can print these out, and have your children decorate the signs or make t-shirts with the quotes. These are great for helping children understand the magnitude of the problem.

Start Young | It is never too early to involve your toddler in service projects. In fact, here are five excellent ways to include your toddler in service projects, including food drives.

Hunger Heros Party

Dine Out | Offer to take a family in need out to dinner and have your children pick the restaurant, make invitations and even raise money to pay for the dinner themselves.

Play Dates | Hold a playdate where each guest brings items to donate to a local food bank. Decorate the boxes with the kids and do some of these other great hunger awareness activities.

Hunger Heros | Let your kids dress up as super heros and deliver food to a local food bank.

The Coffee Can Challenge | In a coffee can, have your children collect all their spare change to donate to a good cause that fights hunger. Teaching them that just a little bit goes a long way is super important!

World Food Day | October 16th is National World Food Day, yet millions of children go hungry every day worldwide. Did you know that between now and the end of December 2016,Amway and Nutrilite is committed to providing 5 million Nutrilite Little Bits Packets to children in need through their Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign.

Nutrilite Little Bits is an odorless, tasteless micronutrient supplement with 15 essential nutrients for growth. It’s sprinkled on food and is currently distributed in 10 countries, with plans to expand to 20 countries by the end of 2019.


Amway and Nutrilite are partnering with the United Nations Foundation to help address the new Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) of putting an end to world hunger and poverty. You can partner with them, too! By donating this world food drive, you will be doing your part to end world hunger!

20 Service Projects for Kids

Better yet, get your kids involved so they can be a part of the change! What can you and your kids do together to help fight hunger? I’d love to hear your ideas and see your projects!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Amway and Nutrilite. 



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