Counting Peeps | Simple Toddler Activities

We might have gone a little crazy with our peeps lately. Everyone has gotten into the fun including Super B, our toddler. We have done everything from simple toddler activities like counting peeps to more awesome peeps science experiments.

Counting Peeps Simple Easter Math Activity

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This time of year is one my favorite times of year to play with our candy and treats. If you are a regular here, you know just how much we love to play with our peeps. This year, our toddler wanted to play along, so we decided to add in some simple activities she could enjoy as well.

Counting Peeps | A Simple Toddler Easter Activity

What you need:

One package of Peeps Marshmallow Chicks (or your favorite Peeps for the holiday)

If you are not one to play with your food, or you don’t like your kids to have candy and food coloring, you have to see these stuffed peeps! They are so cute!

Peeps Activities

Counting Peeps with Kids

Counting with peeps is a very simple activity. In fact, there isn’t a ton I need to say for you to see just how fun it can be. There are no difficult instruction and no elaborate set up, which makes it the perfect activity for toddlers or any age.

Counting Peeps One to One correspondance

One of Super B’s favorite things to do right now is to count. She counts the dishes, her ponies, and even her brother’s robots. She loves to count. This activity seemed only fitting for her new love for counting.


Counting PeepsThere are several ways we love to count our items. We did three different counting methods with our peeps.

1) Counting sets of tens. We took the peeps out of the package and kept them together for this activity. We counting each set of five. Then we counted all the way to ten. We made sure we touched each peep as we went to practice one to one correspondence.

2)Linear counting. We lined up the peeps and counting them again. This time we counted all ten, then just a few, then certain numbers.

3) Scattered counting. Finally, we separated the peeps for this one. This allowed Super B practice in counting sets. It is not easy for toddlers as you might think. This gives her great practice in counting the items one at a time.

Counting Peeps Math for Kids

Counting peeps is perfect for the whole family! Bones (8) had so much fun counting the peeps with his sister while he waited to do his engineering experiment with the peeps.

Counting Peeps Simple Toddler Fun

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