Totally Awesome DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

My boys are in love with Harry Potter. So much that my eldest has listened to all of the audiobooks, seen all of the movies, and stayed up until Midnight with us to get the new Cursed Child book. So when it came to making our new Christmas ornaments for our tree it was no surprise to me that he wanted to make a DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament!

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament!

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In the past, we have made Harry Potter Potions Ornaments which the kids had an absolute blast with! This simple and fun Harry Potter Christmas Ornament was the perfect addition to our collection. Plus, it was super simple to make!

How to Make a Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

When we sat down to make this Christmas ornament, we had two things to decide on: what color should our ornament be and how should we represent Harry Potter? Making Harry Potter was easy for us to come up with, everyone knows he is famous for lightning bolt scar and oversized glasses. However, when it came to the color we had a bit of a debate. Should we make it gold like a Golden Snitch or Orange for Gryffindor? In the end, we settled for a brilliant golden orange to represent Gryffindor!

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

What You Need to Make a Homemade Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

  • Plastic Globe Ornaments
  • Orange Glitter Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun (with adult supervision)

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

We had so much fun putting together our Harry Potter Ornament! We started by adding in the orange glitter glue.

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

Then, we put the top back on our ornament and shook it like crazy. The kids had a blast with this step! It was great for getting out some wiggles while we crafted! Then we removed the lid and let the ornament sit for a bit to give the paint some time to dry. Since we used acrylic paint this went extremely quick!

After our paint dried, it was time to paint on our Harry Potter! For my younger child, this was a tad difficult because it does require a little more in hand control than she has at her age. However, we pulled out some Q-Tips and she had a blast painting with Q-Tips while working!

To start painting our Harry Potter we started at the top of the ornament and worked our way down. This can get a bit messy, but thankfully if your child makes a mistake it will wipe off the ornament super easy! If you are worried about potential messes make sure to check out our fail-proof guide to introducing messy activities to kids!

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

We found that using the packaging that our ornaments came in worked beautifully for holding our Christmas ornament still while painting on the lightning bolt…

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

and then two ovals with an arch to connect them.

Totally easy and super adorable!

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

Just remember to give your craft some time to dry before hanging it on your Christmas tree for all to see!

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