DIY Star Wars Garden Kit

Have you seen our Star Wars Garden Pots tutorial? I made them as a special gift for a budding gardener, and thought what better way to package them than in a DIY Star Wars Garden Kit?

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After making the DIY Star Wars Garden Pots, this DIY Star Wars Garden Kit comes together in no time. What took the longest was actually finding and purchasing the different components for the kit (I’ve tried to save you some time by including the links to the products we used).

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How to Make Star Wars Garden Kit

What to Include in a Star Wars Garden Kit

Pick and choose other items as you see fit, this is what we included in ours

I like using vegetable plants for beginning gardeners because they truly get to experience the “fruits of their labor” and it can also be a great way to actually get kids to eat their veggies!

You don’t need to use the gloves for every day gardening, in fact research shows that getting our hands in soil can be great for the immune system and nervous system – but the gloves are nice when you have to pull weeds which can sometimes have tiny, protective spikes.

how to make lightsaber garden markers

How to Make DIY Light Sabre Garden Markers

You need:

You can purchase pre-dyed popsicle sticks – which we always have on hand – or just paint or dye your popsicle sticks yourself.

Simply paint the bottom third of the popsicle sticks with the silver paint and let dry.

When dry, add two black lines at the top of the silver area – one separating it from the coloured popsicle stick and one just a bit further down.

lightsaber garden markers

Simply insert the popsicle sticks into your garden where you have planted seeds.

(Remember to label the sticks with which seeds or plants are planted in that row. We’re just getting our garden started this weekend after a long winter, so this is a preview!)
how to make lightsaber garden markers (2)

What do you think? Do you have a Star Wars fan who could use their own DIY Star Wars Garden Kit?

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