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Launching September 15, 2015!

Coming Soon Sensory Processing


Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures and the team (Claire, Lauren, and Pam) from The Inspired Treehouse are excited to announce the launch of their new book, Sensory Processing 101 coming this September!

Sensory Processing 101 is a go-to resource for all things related to Sensory Processing. In this book, we take a look at how all children process information in their world around them and how we (as caregivers) can support their preferences and challenges.

Complete with an extensive explanation of all the sensory systems, an activity guide, and a printable resource section of over 20 pages, this is sure to be a resource that you will want to share with your readers and audience. This book is intended for parents, caregivers, teachers and even therapists. As one reviewer put it, this book “is the missing puzzle piece” to what we have all known about children for so many years.

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We want to see this book touch the hands and lives of people across the globe and to do that, we need your help!

What We Need You to Do

We are so appreciative in you interest in our new book, we can’t express how thankful we are! In fact, we would love to offer you an ebook copy of our book to review in exchange for any of the following things:

Types of Promotion:

Post a review of the book on your blog including:
-promotional images of the book
-your honest thoughts and opinions about the book
-a mention of one or more of the activities
-your affiliate links for the ebook

Include Sensory Processing 101 in a blog post on your site:
-Parenting stories, stories from the classroom, or personal stories that relate to the book
-Sensory Post about any of the items you learned or found useful in the book. Examples would be highlighting the index by behavior or the printable resources.

Reviews on Amazon

Social Shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Once complete, this book will be available in several formats: 3 individual ebooks, a full-color and printed copy of all three books in one.

We’d love you to join in with the book launch tour, and if you are interested there’s the opportunity to join the Sensory Processing 101 affiliate program, to earn 50% of all ebook sales you generate.

We’re happy to offer all launch team and affiliate participants:

-A free copy of the final digitl version of the Sensory Processing 101 ebook

-Images and other marketing materials to help you promote the books using your affiliate links

-50% commission on all of your sales of the ebook

-Shares of your posts on Lemon Lime Adventures, The Inspired Treehouse, and Project Sensory Facebook pages.

-Invitation to join the Sensory Processing 101 Pinterest board (8,000+ followers) where you can pin your own blog post.
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