Kid Made Salt Dough Paper Weight

Earlier this week, I shared how we have been experimenting with salt dough to find the perfect recipe and methods. That experiment left us with a lot of salt dough creations that we needed to find a use for. Since we did the experiment with a uniform shape and no craft in mind, we were left with many circles of hardened salt dough at different thicknesses. With the holidays approaching, it wasn’t hard to come up with a craft and salt dough gift the kids could make. What is funny, is that when I put the decision in the hands of the kids, they decided a Kid Made Salt Dough Paper Weight would be the perfect gift for their left overs.

Kid Made Salt Dough Gifts Paper Weight

I have to say that I was surprised by the outcome and just how simple it was to make a kid made paper weight out of salt dough. I hope you find it just as fun and simple as we did.

The first step was to make our salt dough. If you didn’t get a chance to read about it, we actually turned making our salt dough into a really fun experiment.

For this craft, we chose to use our 2 cm thick salt dough cylinders. They were the perfect size to make a paper weight.

Creating a Simple Kid Made Salt Dough Gift

Once our salt dough was dry, we got out the paints and went to town. I want to jump in and say that this activity was completely directed by my oldest son (age 9) and led by his desires and wishes to make his dad a Christmas gift.

That being said, he got to work painting the base color of the paper weight. He chose blue. Actually, I think he always chooses blue. (You could choose any color.

Super Hero Lightning Bolt Template

Next, he decided that instead of polka-dots, stripes or any other decoration, he wanted to make a lightning bolt on the gift. This took a little more intervention from me than I had planned. (and a little self confidence since I have no clue how to draw).

He looked up “image of a lightning bolt” on my phone and asked me to make a stencil. I used a ruler and recycled card board to create a template of the lightning bolt as best as I could. In order to cleanly complete the lightning bolt stencil, I had to use an exacto knife. Again, any image would have worked, but I was letting my son lead the activity.

Stencil Salt Dough Painting Craft

I have to admit to you, at first I made this super cool lightning bolt for him. However, when he went to use it, it was 2 times the size of his paper weight. Oops. It was funny because both boys were quick to tell me the importance of measuring before starting any project. Silly me. I should have known better.

Anyways, we put the template on top of the paper weight and painted the inside yellow. It needed a few coats before it was completely finished, but it was getting close.

Kid Made Salt Dough Gifts

Finally, we just had to let the paper weight dry. This actually didn’t take too long at all. Just about enough time for Legoman to get all cleaned up from our adventure.

Want to know something?

Salt Dough Paper Weight

Even though this was a super simple salt dough gift to make, I think it turned out pretty awesome. I might even be a slight jealous that this awesome gift is going to his dad’s house at Christmas. But hey, I get a few more weeks with it.

What do you think about our first salt dough craft? Would you like getting something as a gift if a kid made it for you? What salt dough crafts have you made as gifts? I can’t wait to see them!  I would love to know! FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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