One Simple Trick to End Bedtime Battles (Backed by Science!)

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Like most parents, I find myself often counting down the minutes to bedtime. So you can imagine my dismay when my toddler, Super B, fought bedtime every single night. See, every night before bed, we have to go potty, and it turned into a serious bedtime battle. Some nights there were tears. Other nights she simply refused to go, or so we thought. I started desperately searching for solutions, and thankfully I was able to partner with Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic and found this one simple trick to end bedtime battles (that’s backed by science!).

One Simple Trick to End Bedtime Battles (Backed By Science)

One Simple Trick to End Bedtime Battles

See, we thought that Sweet B was simply fighting her pre-bedtime potty routine to stay up a few minutes longer, but we soon learned that she wasn’t refusing to go, she was struggling to go. We needed a way to help her poor belly, and the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Gummies worked beautifully to end our bedtime battles! Simple Trick to End Bedtime Battles-3

Just a few days after starting our Sweet B on the probiotic gummies, we saw huge improvement in her digestive health. We went from waiting in the bathroom with her for up to an hour before bed each night to taking a quick trip and having an easy and peaceful bedtime!

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I am always a total skeptic, but the science totally supports this wicked simple bedtime hack! Probiotics help with digestive health and regularity, and in our case that was exactly what we needed to help Sweet B embrace bedtime. It’s pretty simple really. Probiotics make for a healthy gut, and a healthy gut makes for a happy kid, and happy kids? They go to bed!

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These probiotic gummies come in super tasty fruit flavors, so your kids will think they’re getting a real treat. They’re also dairy and soy free with no artificial ingredients, so you can support your kids immune health and digestive balance without worry!*

If you’re ready to try Renew Life® Ultimate Flora Probiotic Gummies to help end bedtime battles with your kids, you can get them on their website, or pick them up the next time you run to the Target! I love grabbing vitamins on my weekly Target run so that we never run out. Right now you can even Save $3 when you try out Renew Life® Probiotics. I can promise you, probiotics are not as scary as they sound and we are huge believers in them now.

Simple Trick to End Bedtime Battles

In fact, I can’t wait to share a super secret benefit in just a few weeks. But first, I want you to try them out for yourself and share if you see any changes in your kids!

One Simple Tick Backed By Science To End Bedtime Battles

What is your favorite trick to help end bedtime battles? Are you ready to brave probiotics? I can’t wait to hear! Be sure to let me know what you think!

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