Ooey Gooey Jello Zombie Brains

My kiddo absolutely loves everything about Halloween. From the pumpkins to the ghosts, to the candy, and even the zombies. I resisted the zombie obsession for a long time, but even I have had to give in. Zombies have officially become the “in” thing with the kids these days. (Anyone remember when it was “Thriller”?) Anyways, as I gave in to the zombie obsession, I found that I can make some pretty awesome zombie recipes! This one is one of my very favorites, and the kids all loved their ooey gooey jello zombie brains!

Ooey Gooey Jello Zombie Brains!

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You can make this ooey gooey jello zombie with your kiddos on a rainy fall afternoon leading up to Halloween. Pop in a spooky movie while waiting for the jello to cool, and you have a whole day of Halloween activities ready to go!

How to Make Ooey Gooey Jello Zombie Brains

What You Need to Make Ooey Gooey Jello Zombie Brains

How to Make Ooey Gooey Jello Zombie Brains

First to make the ooey gooey jello zombie brains, you are going to make green apple jello according to the package directions, except you’re going to substitute tonic water in place of the water.

The tonic water is going to help the color in the jello glow in the dark! Green shows up the best, so we suggest green apple jello. Oh, and a note from a pro, don’t use lime. The tonic water can add a bit of bitterness, so you want to use a sweet flavor!

Zombie Brain Jello for Kids!

Then you’ll spray your brain jello mold with a nonstick spray, and pour your jello mix into it. This is also where you add the gummy worms!

Put your brain mold into a rubber maid container with high edges just in case it gets knocked around (I have boys, trust me, this is necessary!) and place it in the fridge for about three hours.

How to make zombie brains for kids!

Once the jello is fully chilled, set a plate at the bottom of the mold and flip it over. Your ooey gooey zombie brain should slide right out!


Now you get to decorate it with more gummy worms and fake blood! To make fake blood just mix cornstarch and red food dye and then sprinkle it over your plate! (Mostly over the plate, to preserve tastes!)

How to Make Zombie Brain Jello, a Recipe for Kids!

Your ooey gooey zombie brains are officially done and ready for devouring! This recipe is seriously perfect for a Halloween party and your kiddos can even help you make it. And of course you have to show them how the zombie brains glow in the dark! We liked checking out our jello with this black light. Any will work, but this one is harder for kids to break!

Zombie Brain Jello Recipe for Kids!

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

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