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Sensory play is such an important part of early childhood. Not only can it be vital in speech, language, and cognitive development, it also plays a key role in helping children organize their world and allows them to integrate the input to develop a healthy sensory system. That is why I am excited to part of the Sensory Play Blog Hop, hosted by my new favorite blog, Sensory Activities for Kids. My goal is to bring you simple sensory play by using the same material throughout the whole series.  One material for 7 activities engaging 7 sensory systems. Yesterday we shared our tactile ice play.  Today we will share vestibular play ideas  you can try today!



Sensory System:


Benefits of Vestibular Sensory Play:

The vestibular sense is responsible for a child’s sense of movement and control in their space. At its core, vestibular input revolves around equilibrium and balance stemming from the inner ear. It is responsible for a child’s ability to balance, climb stairs, walk easily adjusting to changing levels, and react promptly (recover our balance) when we step in a hole.

Vestibular play provides opportunities for a child to explore his/her position in space while regaining equilibrium and learning to tolerate vestibular input. Vestibular sensory play restores balance as it soothes, relaxes and increases concentration. Often times, when vestibular play is used in conjunction with an academic task such as reading, language or math, children are able to organize their thoughts while increasing their core strength and motor planning.

Vestibular play is the foundation for tasks such as skiing, bike riding, and staying alert in a classroom to focus on reading or math.

Vestibular Sensory Play with Ice

Materials Needed:

2 Bowls
Tongs (optional)

Instructions for this Simple Vestibular Sensory Play

Setup for this play idea is simple and easy. In front of a chair (that is rather low to the ground) place 2 different bowls. Fill one bowl full of ice and leave the other one empty.

This is such a great game for a hot summer day and it costs nothing!

This game can be played solo or as a race if you have children that can handle competition well. We have played it both ways and tend to prefer playing against ourselves by using a timer to beat our best time.

Ice Toss Sensory Play

The play is simple too! Using your hands or a scoop, try to get all of the ice cubes into the other bowl, while hanging upside down in the chair. We use this same game all the time during the winter inside with balls. It is great for alerting Legoman, and allowing him to recenter his body and focus on the task he is presented with.

Vestibular sensory play increases focus

As I mentioned before, vestibular sensory play is a fantastic way for a child to recenter and reorganize. You can see that focus and attention that Legoman has in these pictures and how this simple game builds his hand/eye coordination, his sense of space, and his core strength.

Vestibular tactile simple sensory play for summer.

This vestibular play can be played with or without the scoop. If you have a child who has tactile sensitivities, they might not enjoy the feel of the cold ice. Bones LOVED this game with his hands. He loved seeing how much ice he could transfer at a time, however Legoman hated it. He tried it once and quickly reverted to the scoop again. In the end, he actually started transferring the ice back and forth by picking up the bowls.

The important thing to remember about any sensory play is to gauge it, monitor your child, and assess what your child responds well too. You might need to adjust the material you play with, the time you play, or the method of play. The main goal is to have fun while providing your child with important sensory input.

Did you know sensory play could be so easy and so beneficial? It doesn’t have to take expensive materials and complex plans to make it work.

 simple sensory play ice series

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