Squishy Circuit Vampire: A Super Fun Halloween STEAM Activity

I walked into the living room expecting to find my kids lounging around watching Moana again, and I was motivated and ready to find an activity we could all do together. What I found instead? They were both at the table, one of their expensive toys completely pulled apart while they inspected all of the wires and connections.

Deep Breath.

My kids have a passion for circuits and all things electrical. That’s how I’m choosing to see this so that I can keep my cool. Part of me wants to freak out and yell, but I’m taking a deep breath and embracing their passion. We can still do an activity to reconnect and have fun, and I know exactly what the kids need right now.

Squishy Circuits to the rescue.

I love that with Squishy Circuits, the kids can explore their passion for electricity, wires, and circuits safely. So in honor of the Halloween season, this time, the kids and I decided to make a Squishy Circuits vampire, the perfect Halloween STEAM activity!

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Making the vampire was just a bit tricky, but it was a lot of fun! I love presenting the kids with STEAM activities because they are challenging in a way that most crafts and activities aren’t. I know that they’re really stretching their mind and creativity, and those skills are going to help them for their entire lives!

Make Your Own Squishy Circuit Vampire

Follow along with these directions to make your own Squishy Circuit vampire with light up fangs for Halloween. But make sure to let your kiddos use their creativity and figure out as much as they can themselves!

You will need:

Form a circle from modeling clay and press it flat. Make a second, slightly larger circle from play dough and place it under the modeling clay circle.

Make a circle from white play dough for the vampire’s face.

Use modeling clay to add feature details.

Position the three layers of the vampire so that all the edges align perfectly.

Take a squishy circuit light and attach it to the play dough just beneath the mouth. Poke the other side of the wire into the play dough below the modeling clay. This will complete the circuit. Repeat for the other fang, but make sure the same sides of the wire are connected to the same dough, or it won’t light up.

Connect the Squishy Circuit battery to either piece of dough connected to the wires. Don’t touch the wires directly. Turn on the switch. If connected properly, the fangs will light up. If it doesn’t work the first time, fiddle with the positioning of the wires and battery ports until both fangs glow with malice, but also electricity.

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