Stuck Indoors? Turn your indoor day into something magical and adventurous!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Radio Flyer. The opinions and text are all mine.

Our normally adventurous, let’s-go-explore-little-girl couldn’t go outside. The weather plummeted overnight and we woke up to frigid temperatures.

So there she was, wrapped in a blanket, staring at the ceiling, twirling her long bouncy red curls in her fingers. “Mom. I’m bored.”

Almost in that very moment, the doorbell rang.

It was a special package JUST FOR HER. She quickly sprung from her seat, ran to the box and couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

“That’s ME in the book!” my daughter squealed as we opened the box.

“It looks just like me and, oh my gosh, (gasp) there’s my name!”

Quick adventure when you're stuck inside with a bored kid

It doesn’t get more exciting than that for a four-year-old.

Our newest book was designed just for her, with a little heroine that looks just look like her, and with her name sprinkled throughout the illustrations.

It is now her prized possession. Second only to her Radio Flyer tricycle.

My sweet little redhead was stuck indoors so this was the absolute perfect day for the book to arrive at our doorstep.

And when we’re stuck indoors, it’s tricky to come up with ideas to keep her busy and entertained, without her bouncing off the walls.

But this book was a step in the right direction.

Turn your indoor day into something magical and adventurous

My daughter’s new book, My Radio Flyer Adventure, actually started about 2 weeks ago, at the Radio Flyer Website.

Together, we customized the book just for her.

We chose her skin color and her hair color and added in her name and photo. We chose which Radio Flyer rider she wanted to ride and I wrote in a little dedication to her. We ordered the book in less than 8 minutes. It would have been shorter if she wasn’t insistent on inspecting each preview page.

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And now that we have the book in our house, she can not stop reading it.

And I can’t blame her.

Quick adventure when you're stuck inside with a bored kid

When we read the book, we’re reading about her. And about her grand adventure to save the dragosaur on her shiny red Radio Flyer tricycle.

And since she can’t be outside riding her actual Radio Flyer tricycle, this storytelling adventure is a perfect substitute.

This story even pulled her older brothers in.

They were impressed she got to be the heroine of the story and they take turns reading it to her (so her Papa and I can get a little break from reading it on repeat!)

The Power of Storytelling

The reason this book has transfixed all of us is something more powerful than seeing her likeness and name in a book.

It’s the power of storytelling.

It’s the magic of storytelling.

It’s the beauty of storytelling.

My daughter has an incredible imagination. But stories like these allow her imagination to flourish and thrive. Because they allow her to take this sweet story and make it her own.

And it takes her—and us—on an incredible journey, without ever leaving our couch.

A really good book is powerful because it can transport you to another world. To another place in time. To a world where you are the hero.

And in the case of this Radio Flyer Book, it takes you to the Land of Adventure where a baby dragosaur is stuck. It’s up to my daughter and her flying red tricycle to save it.

My superkid sees herself as a heroine and as the saver of all things because she rescued the dragosaur in her book.

A simple cure for indoor boredom when you are stuck inside with your child

Extend storytelling past the book

But storytelling doesn’t have to end at the back cover of the book.

Continuing to tell and retell the story allows children to explore and imagine and create.

And as an added bonus, it keeps her busy and having fun when we’re stuck inside.

My daughter has retold The My Radio Flyer Adventure story with and without the book by her side.

  • She convinced us to bring her Radio Flyer tricycle inside to act out the story
  • Her brothers recorded her acting out her play and she loves to watch…and rewatch it
  • She drew pictures of her and the dragosaur going on new adventures
  • She stapled papers together and made her own book that she’s adding to daily
  • We changed what happened in the story with “what if” questions
  • She insisted on writing her name over and over again
  • And she uses Play-doh to mold and shape a dragosaur and a little red-headed girl that she uses as puppets

A simple cure for indoor boredom when you are stuck inside with your child

The storytelling and re-storytelling ideas are as limitless as my daughter’s imagination. And there’s beauty in that.

If she thinks it up, she can create it.

And that’s why I’ve teamed up with Radio Flyer. For over 100 years, their mission has been to power play and inspire the imaginations in kids of all ages.

They are the world’s leading builder of wagons, tricycles, pre-school scooters and other ride-ons. And because of it, they are the most loved brand for kids’ wheels in the world. And it’s all based on Radio Flyer’s founder Antonio Pasin’s 1917 dream which was to “bring joy to every boy and every girl.”

Radio Flyer I See Me Book Example

Mission accomplished in our house.

Now we just need to find a way to convince her to take her Radio Flyer tricycle back outside.

Would your child love these storytelling adventures as much as my daughter?

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Which one do you hope to win? I’m not gonna lie… I am hoping for the Tesla or the Landspeeder!


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