Survival Kit for Santa and His Team

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons. The opinions and text are all mine.

We all know the drill. Make the cookies. Pour the milk. Write a note and leave it all out for Santa. Wait, that means we are missing a whole lot of the team that is doing so much of the work! We can change that and start a new tradition this year. This year, why not make a survival kit for Santa’s whole team? Better yet, why not leave it for him BEFORE Christmas, for the busy season. I mean how many cookies can the man eat in one night anyways?

Christmas is a time that can be incredibly creative and imaginative for young children. From elves moving nightly to letters from Santa, it can all seem so magical. While I truly believe none of this is needed to keep the magic of the season, it sure can be fun.

This year, we decided to try a new tradition. This year, we found this awesome program from our lovely sponsors at Albertsons, where you can get letters from Santa delivered to your house (parents, you can print out a customized letter right here). Since we have always told the boys that Santa is a character that people like to believe in and celebrate the holidays, we decided to let them make the letter with us. They loved it. Even though they filled out the form with me, they thought it was so cool that a letter from Santa was delivered directly to my email and it was TO THEM.

After reading our awesome letters from Santa, the boys were determined to leave something for Santa too. However, they didn’t want to forget the rest of the team. They talked on and on about how busy everyone (the elves, Rudolf, the reindeer, and Mrs. Claus) is right now getting ready for Christmas. That is when they decided to make a survival kit for Santa and his team.

Materials for Survival Kit for Santa’s Team

  • Batteries: To help Rudolph when he runs out of energy
  • Water Bottles: To help hydrate the reindeer and Rudolph while they practice for the big day
  • Hot Peppermint Tea: To help Mrs. Claus relax after a long day
  • Travel Sewing Kit: For Mrs. Claus in case the any suits need fixing or the bag gets a hole
  • Duct Tape: To help Santa fix ANYTHING that goes wrong
  • Sweet Treats: To energize the elves as they work to make all the toys

These are the things our children chose for Santa and his team, but honestly, the best part is brainstorming with your children and seeing where the creativity takes you.

We used the coupons that printed from our Letters to Santa to get the bottled water and the cookies to make our sweet treats for the elves. In fact, every item in our kit came from Jewel, which made this fun new tradition even easier to accomplish.

Making Your Survival Kit for Santa’s Team

We got out our fancy Christmas paper out and the boys wrote some really great letters to Santa and the whole team. They explained what they had included and wished them well.

With care and pride the boys carefully placed their letters under the tree for Santa and his team.

We placed everything else for the kit in a gift basket and arranged it just perfectly under the tree.

We even made some super fun Oreo Cookie Elf Pops for the elves to enjoy.

For two kids who get to make the choice in what they believe in, they sure did go all out. I am sure Santa and his team will be incredibly pleased with this survival kit. Wouldn’t you be?

If you haven’t started anything yet, and want to try this fun new tradition, you can get your very own letter for your children directly from Santa himself. After you print the letter from Santa, you will also be sent coupons that could even be used for the rest of your kit. Makes it pretty easy, right?

So I am curious, what fun traditions do you have at your house in regards to Santa? What do your kids love doing? I would love to hear!

You can leave a comment here or leave a message on Facebook letting me know just how much fun you and your children had making something for Santa and the whole team.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons. The opinions and text are all mine.


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