Totally Awesome Minion Birthday Party Ideas

My kids are obsessed with Minion everything. From Minion noises to Minion napkins, they pretty much are infatuated with anything and everything that is related to the little yellow guys. I am pretty sure I am not alone on this one either. With the new Minion movie coming out July 10th, we thought it would be the perfect time to plan a Minion Birthday Party! Okay, actually, these ideas could be for any Minion party, because who needs a reason to celebrate Minion love?

Minion Birthday Party Planning Ideas

A big thanks to Bounty for sponsoring this post and coming up with super cute Minion napkins and paper towels just in time for our Minion celebration! Now, lets get to the really awesome Minion Birthday Party ideas!

Minion Birthday Treats

Minion Party Treats and Food Ideas

The kids will love this simple and tasty Minion Birthday Cake. Can’t decide on the design you want? Here are tons of Minion birthday cake ideas!

If you are more of a cupcake fan, these Minion cupcakes are simply adorable!

Add a little fruits and veggies to the menu with awesome Minion food art.

If you need a little more to fill the little ones up (or even the parents), why not make some Minion sandwiches that everyone is sure to devour!

If you have an artist in the family, your guests will jump up and down over these Minion pancakes.

Turn your water bottles and juice bottles into tiny Minions themselves.

Minion Birthday Party Games and Crafts

Fun Minion Party Games and Crafts

Kid will love making their own minions with this simple minion craft!

Make minion poppers that can be used for anything from poof balls to marshmallows.

Print these awesome Minion play dough mats and give your guests plenty of messy play!

Make Minion puppets and have the kids put on their own Minion movie!

Turn your plates into Minions that everyone can take home (or eat off, but I am not sure you’d want to mess up the plates).

You can make it a themed dress-up party with these adorable minion costumes.

Minion Birthday Ideas

Memorable Minion Party Treats and Favors

Make minion robots using toothbrushes as special treats. For even more fun, make it with the kids during the party.

I know my kids would love getting this minion slime! My boys would love making this for all of their friends for sure!

Make your very own DIY Minions as party favors and fill them with everyone’s favorite treats.

Wrap up any of these treats in a treat bag with adorable Minion labels.

You can’t have a party without plates and napkins! For us, its a treat to have paper napkins and Bounty has made it super easy this summer with their new Minion print napkins and paper towels (available at stores nationwide).

Minion Print napkins



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  1. We are Minion crazy too! Love all of these ideas. Thanks for including our Minion bots, too.

  2. I’m crazy about the minions too ! Only a few days before seeing the minions movie !!

    By the way, I made a blog with my children (, and I listed 40+ ideas for a Minions birthday party.

    Feel free to pick any ideas for your website 😉

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