Totally Rad DIY Fidget Spinners That Will Make Your Little Makers Go Nuts

Fidget spinners. Ah, these little guys have been giving me a run for my money this week. We’ve had them in our house for ages alongside all our other fidgets and DIY fidgets. But when fidget spinners started getting banned across the country (now worldwide), I had to take a stand and share what I thought. I already had plans to share our DIY fidget spinners, but because of my post going viral, I haven’t done much more than respond to comments and keep my site from breaking. In the meantime, I have seen some amazing DIY fidget spinners pop up and now I plan to share them with you.

Totally Rad DIY FIdget Spinners for Little Makers and Engineers
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Maybe its the cost, maybe it’s just another toy, or maybe you refuse to give in to a fad… whatever the reason, you don’t have to buy a fidget spinner. Nope, you can make them. In fact, I think this is one of the coolest aspects of fidget spinners that everyone is missing. Fidget spinners are inspiring makers young and old to make their own spinning magical machines. Here are some of my favorites!

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Totally Awesome DIY Fidget Spinners for Your Little Makers

Lego Fidget Spinners …

How can you go wrong with Lego? We have been working on a Lego spinner but my good friend beat me to it and hers is amazingness your kids will love!!! Click here for instruction to make a Lego Fidget Spinner.

I am in love with this video on how to make 5 different Lego spinners and I could watch this video all day!

Want to make a tiny lego fidget spinner? I love these variations as well.

So grab a box of technics parts and have a field day with your kids or students challenging them to make their own Lego Fidget Spinners. What will they come up with?

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Cardboard Fidget Spinners …

Don’t have Lego? Looking for a frugal way to make fidget spinners? Try these awesome penny fidget spinners.

There are so many awesome options. Here is an another cardboard fidget spinner with no bearings.

Unique DIY Fidget Spinners

As if making fidget spinners wasn’t awesome enough for fine motor strength… build in some weaving to the project to make paracord fidget spinners.

Or, one of my favorite newest spinner ideas… use zipties!!! How clever is this? This guy on reddit has a gorgeous one!

You can even use rubber bands to make your own fidget spinner. Who knew?

Some kids are getting super creative and are making fidget spinners from skateboards.

Finally, if you’ve got a kid that loves 3D printing, you have to check out these awesome DIY 3D Printer Fidget Spinner Templates you can print or use them for inspiration to design your own.

diy 3d printer fidget spinner templates

Honestly, I could go on and on about all the awesome DIY fidget spinners that are possible. The point of this list is to show you that while this “new fad” might be annoying, could be banned in many schools and has everyone arguing … there are some awesome benefits to encouraging kids (and adults) to think outside the box, get creative and invent new ideas.

That’s what we really want, right?

If fidget spinners aren’t your thing but you are looking for alternatives to the fidget spinner for your fidgety kid, you might want to check out my live video on Facebook the other day. I share my thoughts on the banning of fidget spinners and some alternative fidgets that are a great resource for kids.

Many people have also mentioned that fidget spinners are too loud, too annoying and just toys. There are tons of other options out there if you are in the mood to try fidgets but want to stay clear of a fad. I plan to write a whole list, but for now here are a few to get you started!

We just made these awesome DIY Lego Fidget Cubes which are perfect for both makers and fidgeters alike!


The Fidget Fix (5 awesome fidgets for a super low cost)
DIY Stress Balls
Therapy Putty
Rubber Bands (Yes, the same rubber bands you keep on your wrists)
Calming Slime (Yes, I’m scared of all the slime haters… but it’s a great tool)
Alternatives to Store Bought Fidget Spinners


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