For the third straight year, we will be hosting our signature series about none other than sensory dough! From edible play dough to fizzing dough and even glowing dough… we want you to feel comfortable trying doughs with your child! By the end of the next 12 months you will not be afraid to try that recipe you find on the internet or on Pinterest! You will have the knowledge and understanding to take on tons of sensory dough recipes.

BEST Play Dough and Sensory Dough Recipes

Did you miss the last two years? Click here to find our archive of sensory dough recipes.

Now are you ready for some awesome sensory dough recipes?

12 Months of Sensory Dough Recipes

Each month will be updated with the new dough, our spin and over 20 other bloggers. Be sure to check back monthly so you don’t miss a thing!

January | Frozen Dough Recipes

12 Months of Sensory Dough The Best of the Best Frozen Dough Recipes

February | Edible Dough

Best Edible Playdough Recipes

March| Natural Dough

12 Months of Sensory Dough Natural Dough Recipes

April | Soap Dough

12 months of soap dough recipes

May | Slime

Best of the best Slime Recipes

June | Floam

Coming soon…(check back on June 12th)

July | Sand Dough

August | Textured Dough

September | No Cook Dough

October | Scented Dough

November | Salt Dough

December | Fake Snow

Make sure you don’t miss any of our experiments and explorations with new sensory doughs! Follow our pinterest board and always have sensory dough recipes at your finger tips.

BEST Play Dough and Sensory Dough Recipes

Be sure to check out all of our past doughs and collections! This is something you want to save, so you always have recipes at your fingertips!

12 Months Sensory Dough

12 months sensory dough 2014


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