Have you ever wondered how to make homemade playdough? What about slime? Better yet, have you ever heard of “clean mud”? If not, have no fear!  Over the course of the next year, over 20 bloggers will gather  to explore and discover one of my favorite materials used in Early Childhood… Sensory Dough Recipes!

BEST Sensory Dough Recipes

Every month on the 12th, we will share a variety of spins, new recipes, tried and true recipes and activities you can do with the month’s featured sensory dough recipe! If you followed along last year, you know how we did this. We have switched up our line up just a little this year, but it will still be the same great resource you are used to.

Did you miss last year? Click here to read more sensory dough recipes.

Now are you ready for some awesome sensory dough recipes?

12 Months of Sensory Dough Recipes

Each month will be updated with the new dough, our spin and over 20 other bloggers. Be sure to check back monthly so you don’t miss a thing!

January | Snow Dough

The Best Snow Dough Recipes


February | Scented Dough

Scented Dough


March| Sparkle Dough

Sparkle Dough with Glitter

April | Clean Mud

Clean Mud

May | Salt Dough

Salt Dough Recipes

June | Fizzy Dough

Fizzy Dough Recipes

July | Sand Dough

{Check back soon… in progress}

August | Playdough

{Check back soon… in progress}

September | Oobleck

{Check back soon… in progress}

October | Soda Dough

Soda Dough


November | Cloud Dough

Cloud Dough Best of Recipes

Check back next month for…

December | Edible Dough

Looking for more sensory dough….
12 months of Sensory 

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