“Everything Is Awesome” DIY LEGO Necklaces

One might say we have two obsessions… LEGO and play dough. When the two come together, I get a wee excited and can’t contain my excitement. Just awhile back, while we were writing our LEGO book, we had this fabulous idea to make these DIY LEGO necklaces but we weren’t sure if they would turn out. We were thrilled and tickled pink when we realized our idea worked magically! Now you can make your own DIY LEGO necklaces.

DIY LEGO Necklaces

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It might surprise you, but these DIY LEGO necklaces are actually quite easy to make and take very little time. We had the idea at the breakfast table one morning and had necklaces by the afternoon. In fact, we have enough LEGO beads now to make loads of necklaces for gifts and little reminders about just how awesome we really are!

“Everything is Awesome” DIY LEGO Necklaces

What You Need for DIY LEGO Necklaces

Your Favorite Soda Dough Recipe (we love this colorful 2 ingredient recipe)
Lego Molds
Clasps (optional)

Rainbow Soda Dough Simple Recipe

How to Make DIY Lego Necklaces

Step One: Make Your Mini Figure Molds

After you have made a batch of your soda dough using your favorite colors, it is time to start making your awesome DIY Lego necklaces. This is easier than you might think. All you need is this simple silicone Legoman mold. We got ours on Amazon Prime and got it in 2 days so we didn’t have to go searching everywhere for them.

Clay Lego NecklacesPress your dough into the molds until the molds are completely full. You will want to scrape the backs of the molds so that the backs are as flat as you can get them.

Step Two: Remove Your Legomen Figures from the Molds

Carefully remove your figures from your molds by pushing from the backside of your molds. Don’t worry if you break one getting it out, you can simply make another one. We made a few batches before the baking process so we had different color Lego beads to choose from.

How to Make Lego Necklaces

Step Three: Create a Hole in Your Legoman Beads

Now that you have super adorable little Lego guys, you need to turn them into beads. This is easy to do as well. Using your toothpicks carefully put a hole through your Legoman’s head. It’s okay, he can’t feel it.

Lego Necklace for Kids

Now you are ready to dry your Lego Men Beads. You can leave them overnight on the counter or you can speed the process by baking them in the oven. If you are impatient like me, you should place your beads flat (head side up) on a cookie sheet and put in the oven  at 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour depending on your oven.

Once your beads cool you are ready to thread your necklaces to your liking. We made a pattern with our favorite colors but you can use any colors and any combination you love.

DIY Lego Necklaces for Kids

The best part of these necklaces, is the “everything is awesome” motto that you can’t help but sing when you look at them. My kids have started to use these as a way to turn their moods around and remember they are truly awesome!

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