Awesome Rainbow Science Experiments for Kids

Rainbows are so much fun! They are even more fun to experiment with! That’s why I’ve gathered up some must-try awesome rainbow science experiments for kids!

Rainbow Science Ideas

Whether its mixing colors, making colors, or just using colors to demonstrate an idea, rainbows make science a whole lot more colorful!

10 Awesome Rainbow Science Experiments for Kids

Rainbow Reactions are a great way to explore chemical changes and test hypothesis!

Test and learn about density with this Rainbow in a Jar.

These  rainbow eruptions are perfect for any age!

This might be one of the simplest demonstrations of how to make a rainbow, but still so awesome!

I have always been fascinated by this experiment using rainbows to feed ants. You have to check it out!

Have you seen these rainbow crystals? So cool I had to include the video for it!

Want to experiment with color mixing, try setting up a simple color laboratory!

Let your kids experiment with chromatography with this simple rainbow filter!

Have you ever made crystals? What about an entire crystal rainbow?

Get your toddler involved with this simple rainbow and milk experiment!

Rainbow Science Activities

For more rainbow fun, be sure to check out these awesome Rainbow Learning Activity and Snacks over at Melissa & Doug!

Rainbow Activities and Snacks


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  5. Vikki

    Can I just use lemon juice for the rainbow eruptions rather than lemon juice and citric acid?

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