“Out of this World” Big Emotions – Simple Emotions Activity for Kids

With the turn of a dial and a flip of a switch, my son’s emotions can change in a moment. One moment we are laughing and joking about his latest joke he’s learned and then the next moment, he is screaming “I’m the worst. You don’t care about me.” and other hurtful words that seem to send a sting to my heart as he stomps away in a fury. What in the world just happened? I am always left a little baffled and a little bewildered.

These out of this world emotions seem to take over his body like something from another planet and our communication is halted. The truth is… emotions can be overwhelming and not only for the parent. So how can we teach kids about out this world emotions that seem to take over their little bodies? Without getting angry at my son’s outbursts, I give him space to feel those big emotions and when he is ready we play a few simple emotions activities for kids, including this fun out of this world big emotions printable activity. 


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Have you had some Out of this World Emotions at home lately? And are now looking for a simple craft activity that will help you and your little one to “tackle the alien inside”?

Well, then here is another cute and Simple Emotions Activity for Kids for you to create with your little one to help you to engage and discuss your and his/her feelings the fun way: Little Aliens Feel, Too!

At times those emotions truly feel out of this world. So how better talk about our feelings than with a cute little alien…Klonk* (you need to pronounce him with a clicking sound of your tongue.) He is a very emotional little one (much like your developing child).

Out of this World Emotions Printable for Kids

This cute Extraterrestrial Alien is easy to make and it is a craft to engage with your little one. You’ll have about +/- 15 Minutes of crafting plus endless hours of coloring, play and storytelling with your little one. Have your little one help you with coloring and attaching the flaps to the alien page. Depending on the age of your child, the cutting might be left to you! 😉

How to Make This Out of this World Big Emotions Printable Activity

You will need:

Print off the Extraterrestrial Alien with Flaps Printable Pack, cut out the flaps, pre-fold the flaps a little and attach them to the robot printable. Color and chat about emotions!

What you need for emotions printable

In the video I am show you how to make your robot in detail! Enjoy and hope this little Emotional Robot will help you and your little ones along this emotional journey.


Enjoy and hope these Little Aliens will help you and your little ones along this emotional journey.

The FREE printable pack comes with 2 Awesome Pages of Emotion Activities:
4 Emotional Aliens (Happy, Sad, Surprised, Angry, )
1 Blank Emotional Alien Base
4 Blank Emotional Alien Facial Expression Flaps

Click to download

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How to Teach Kids About Out of this World Big Emotions

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If you are interested in other Simple Emotions Craft Activities to explore with your little one then please also check out our cute Emotional Robot!

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