25 Must-Try Valentine’s Day Sensory Activities

As a mom of a sensory kiddo, I find ways to sneak sensory activities into everyday fun. One of the easiest ways to do that is by finding fun holiday sensory activities that are simple to put together and fun. So I went on the hunt for some super fun Valentine’s Day sensory activities that my family loves, and I know that your family will love them too!

Valentine's Day Sensory Play

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These Valentine’s Day sensory activities are perfect whether you have kids with or without sensory struggles. See, we all have sensory needs, and these activities are fun and good for all kids to try out! So pick a few that you think your kids might enjoy and try it out this Valentine’s Day!

Super Fun Valentine’s Day Sensory Activities

Most of these Valentine’s Day sensory activities require very little set up and are fun for kids of all ages, so your whole family can have fun with these activities. Plus they’d be super fun to have at a classroom Valentine’s party!

Valentines Day Tactile Sensory Activities

Valentines Goop Science

Valentine Ice Hearts

Valentines Day Soup

Pretty Pink Valentines Day Sensory Bin

Spinning Top Sensory Valentines

Red-Hots Slime

Suspended Heart Sensory Bottle

I Spy Hearts Love Sensory Bottle

Find the Hearts Sensory Bin

Valentine Scented Sensory Bin

Valentine Sensory Play Hearts

Valentines Sound Matching Activity

Sensory Friendly Bubble Valentine

Love Calm Down Jar

Falling Hearts Calm Down Jar

Valentines Day Sensory Activities

Foaming Hearts Sensory Play

Chocolate Soap Foam Sensory Play

Heart Sensory Bag

Touch and Feel Sensory Hearts

Frozen Hearts Valentines Activity

Valentine Writing Tray

A-MAZE-ing Sensory Friendly Valentine Printable

Melting Frozen Hearts Experiment

Valentines Day Sensory Activities (1)

Conversation Hearts Oobleck Science Experiment

Chocolate Stretchy Slime

Chocolate Puffy Paint

Valentines Water Beads Sensory Bin

Sensory Friendly Valentines Day Favors

Heart Sensory Matching


Valentines Themed Density Jar Experiment for Kids

25 Must Try Valentine's Sensory Activities

Which is your favorite Valentine’s Day sensory activity? I’m partial to the bubbles myself!

For More Adventures in Sensory Play

Sensory Friendly Valentines Day Treats


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