Super Awesome Calming Robot Activity Kit for Busy Kids That Can’t Sit Still

The minutes can seem to last for hours when you’re having to sit and wait with a restless child. Times when we have no choice but to wait, like in a doctor’s office, or at the DMV can become frustrating situations for both parent and especially for the child. There are many times that I find myself wishing I had a simple activity to help with transition times like waiting rooms or anywhere I need my children to sit still when they just can’t stop wiggling. Thankfully, I found the totally simple solution to getting wiggly kids to sit still!

This Calming Robot Coloring and Activity Book provides several activities to help calm little bodies, but keep their mind busy! It’s perfect for boys and girls and has several different activities so they don’t tire of it easily.

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It doesn’t take a lot to amuse my wiggly kids as long as their brains are engaged and they’re actually doing something. I don’t always want them glued to their tablet screen, so having alternatives for them are important to help make the wait go by a little quicker. Sometimes something as simple as a coloring sheet, or a word search can make the wait a fun time instead of a frustrating time, especially when they’re interested in what they’re coloring!

The Totally Simple Solution to get Wiggly Kids to Sit Still

As long as I can remember my oldest son has always loved activity books. Any time he starts to ramp up and spiral, getting overexcited, I simply pull out our latest activity book and watch him settle into a state of instant calm. Unfortunately, I started to run into a problem. As he got older, I couldn’t find any that fit his personality. He liked robots, and he found typical activity books too “babyish”. That’s when the lightbulb went off and I decided to make my own. The calming robot activity book is the first of many activity books we will be making and I am excited to share everything that has been put in them!

Calming Activity Book for Robot Lovers

Every single page was strategically designed to help wiggly kids like my son calm down. When he is in an environment where his sensory needs aren’t being met, things can get out of hand and we can quickly be facing a meltdown. In places like waiting rooms and quiet spaces that’s the last thing I want to happen. Being proactive and using this activity book makes the necessary errands that are a part of our everyday life a little less stressful for all involved.

Coloring Pages

There are several different coloring pages for your kids to choose from! Each little robot is just waiting for color to be added! Use these to engage with your child by focusing on colors, robot body parts, and completing a project themselves.

Make Your Own Robot

With this activity you can let your kiddo’s imagination run wild! Encourage them to use different colors and shapes as they create their own robot. Creating their own robot helps them work their mind, without having to engage their whole body for sensory stimulation.


Using the I-Spy pages can not only engage you kids and give them something to do quietly, but it can also help develop important milestones. Short-term memory and visual recognition are both utilized in these I-Spy pages. These are fun, and keep your kids engaged, but also will help develop memory and focus.

Letter Find

Not only do these fun letter find pages help with letter recognition, but it also aids in visual discrimination in a low-stress environment. Encourage, and help your kids to find one letter at a time. For extra fun, have them to use their favorite color to find the letters, or to color the robots on the page as well!

Calming Activity Book for Robot Lovers


Help your kids increase their attention span and visual memory by completing these fun matching activities! Help them focus on the details of each robot, so they can connect the similarities between the pairs. They can point out differences as well, which can be super fun!

Word Search

Reading can sometimes be stressful, and require more of an attention span than some children are capable of. Word searches not only help to develop vocabulary and word recognition, but also increase visual memory ability. As they discriminate between letters to find the correct series of letters to form the word, they’re learning through fun! Believe me, you will thank me the next time you ask your kiddo to clean their room!

Color By Number

The last sheet in the Robot Coloring and Activity Book is a color by number page. Color by number takes away the stress of choosing a color for their robot, and helps your child practice following instructions. This activity also helps to keep their attention by matching numbers to colors, and helping them to complete the entire color page with ease.

Robot Maze Free Printable


Mazes help develop problem-solving skills, as well as growing focus and attention span. They also aid in fine motor skill development, in a way that isn’t boring or stressful for the child. Kids love mazes, and these adorable robot mazes are no exception!

We love mazes so much and believe in their ability to calm busy bodies so much, we’ve made one of the pages from the printable kit available for FREE. Click here to print your FREE printable robot maze.

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This Robot Coloring and Activity Book is great for wiggly kids of multiple ages and abilities. If you have a little one that just likes to color and an older child who wants to be more engaged with games like mazes and I-spy, you can keep them both entertained with this one book!

Keep a copy of the book in the car for times when they may be needed unexpectedly. Engage their minds, and it will help them keep their bodies calm.

Calming Activity Book for Robot Lovers

Help your wiggly kids stay still with these fun pages in the Robot Coloring and Activity Book

  • Coloring Pages
  • Create Your Own Robot
  • I-Spy
  • Letter Finds
  • Matching Games
  • Mazes
  • Word Searches
  • Color by Numbers

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The Complete Printable Calming Kit for Kids

The Complete Calming Tool Kit for Kids

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