Super Simple Hack to Revolutionize Your Morning Routine with Your Preschooler

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Super B was so excited to start preschool this year, but I was a little terrified. See, Super B and I, we’re not morning people. Getting up and going is really hard for us, and having a deadline of preschool’s start time started getting me pretty nervous. We want to make sure that we have a healthy start to our mornings, but we also want our mornings to be as easy as possible so that they run smoothly. Thankfully we found this super simple hack  that has revolutionized our morning routine and our first preschool year!

Makeover Your Morning with this Simple Routine Hack One of the biggest struggles we had with having a healthy morning and getting out the door was keeping Super B on track. She tends to get distracted by every little thing right in the middle of breakfast. With this hack, though, we’ve been able to keep our super distracted preschooler focused on getting what she needs done so that we can get out the door!

Super Simple and Fun Healthy Morning Hack

We have really simple expectations for our preschooler because again, we’re not morning people. The fewest things required in the morning the better, so we keep it really basic. The biggest morning task that can’t be outsourced to our nighttime routine is breakfast. We need our Super B to help get her breakfast ready and take her probiotics and vitamins before she leaves for school, but she needs help making sure she gets each step done.

I mean, when you say “go make breakfast” your preschooler might struggle to break that down into reasonable steps. Should they grab a bowl first or should they wash their hands first? We need to break down the steps in manageable chunks and give it to them in a way that they can do it themselves.

That’s why we love visual schedules. With a visual schedule, our kids can feel like they are capable of doing what they need to do with just a simple reminder that is on their level. Getting this visual schedule for breakfast in the morning has been the best healthy morning hack to ever help our family!

Super B needs to get her breakfast ready, eat, and take her probiotics and vitamins, but for her visual schedule we break it up into really small simple tasks.

We use tasks like wash her hands, get the dishes, prepare the food, eat her breakfast, take her vitamins and probiotics, and clean up her dishes. All of these steps are simple to complete and let her feel successful every morning.

Making a visual schedule can be as simple as drawing simple stick figure images on a whiteboard, but we like to make pretty visual schedules that are simple to understand for kids of all ages. I loved this healthy morning visual schedule so much that I decided to make it a fun printable for you all to use to make your mornings run a bit smoother. Free Printable Preschool Morning Routine for Breakfast

Download Your Free Printable

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  2. Print. Any paper will do the trick, but card stock would be ideal.
  3. Place it on the kitchen fridge where your preschooler can access it.

One of the most important parts of our healthy morning visual schedule is the probiotics. Since starting Super B on the Ultimate Flora Probiotic Gummies, she’s been sleeping so much better that our mornings have been running much smoother. We absolutely never miss a day because it’s made such a difference in our family life. Simple Trick to End Bedtime Battles If you’re ready to try Renew Life® Ultimate Flora Probiotic Gummies or Probiotic, digestive health with your family to help improve behavior, you can order some from their website or pick them up the next time you run to your local Target! In fact, for a limited time, you can use this coupon to Save $3. I love to grab my essentials at Target so that we never run out.

They have been a complete game changer for my family, and I know they can help yours too! With the visual schedule and the Ultimate Flora Probiotic, digestive health Gummies, you can feel good knowing that your preschooler is starting each day with a healthy start. Plus you don’t have to wake up crazy early to get it done! Makeover Your Morning with this Simple Routine Hack (1) What is your favorite healthy morning hack to get your preschooler out the door and keep your home happy and healthy?

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