Childcraft Light Table Review

Have you ever seen or played with a light table? Do you know what a light table is, or am I speaking a foreign language to you? Don’t worry, although I have never written about light tables before, you are in good hands! In fact, the light table was probably one of my favorite areas of the classroom when I taught. Which is why I am super excited that we are finally getting one in the house (shhh! don’t tell the kids… it’s our BIG Christmas gift). I can’t wait to share what a light table is, the benefits, some fun activities to get you started, and a review of our new Childcraft Light Table!

Light Table Review

As I mentioned before, the light table was a mainstay in the classroom for 12 years for me, so it is no surprise that I was extremely excited when our wonderful sponsors, School Specialty, agreed to send us a light table for our family. While the light table was given to us to review, our opinions are completely our own and I would shout from the rooftops how much I love these light tables anyway.

This light table review covers the what, how and why of light tables, leaving you with everything you need to get started today!

What is a Light Table?

What is a Light Table

Image Source: And Next Comes L

Simply put, a light table is a table that is illuminated with light. Often times, people associate a “light box” with drafting, photography and art. However, they can be essential tools in the development of young children.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and quality ranging from light boxes doctors might use with X-rays to light tables that are durable and sustainably made with wood to handle the wear and tear of young children loving it so much.

Our Childcraft light table is perfect because we can use it as a table in the living room, or we can take the legs off and use it as a table top discovery since space is limited.

What are the Benefits of a Light Table?

What are the benefits of Light Table

Image Source: Teach Preschool

There are so many benefits of light play, that it is hard to know where to begin. Often, people refer to light tables as an excellent resource for science and discovery (and they definitely are). However, light tables are so much more than that!

Light tables can be used for literacy, math, music, writing, and science. By creating an inviting learning space, children are encouraged to engage in learning activities through play without even realizing it. Due to its simple design, a light table draws children in with its luring lights and exciting promise and does not fall short.

Aside from the vast array of educational and entertaining activities that can be done on a light table, light tables are an excellent source of visual sensory input. Children are naturally drawn to the glow of the table and are often calmed by the visual stimulation as they explore a the center.

What Can You Do with Your Childcraft Light Table?

ultimate light table guide


Image Source: Ultimate Light Table Guide

Okay, you might still be wondering what all the hype is about? Right? How many activities could your child actually do with the light table? Won’t they just get bored? No, No, and No! I am here to tell you that the light table was the one center in the classroom that the children begged for from preschool to second grade. No, scratch that… eighth grade. You see, light tables can be used for open play, academic learning, scientific discovery, and sensory integration.

To illustrate just how many ideas are possible for light table play, I would like to introduce you to the Ultimate Guide to Light Tables. This guide is extensive and full of tips, resources, and activity guides to get you started with your Childcraft Light Table.

Some of my favorite Light Table Activities:

Light Table Activities

 All About Me Photo Puzzles | Where Imagination Grows
Autumn Leaves Project | An Everyday Story
Earth Science on the Light Table | Where Imagination Grows
Everyday Light Table Play | Teach Preschool
Mondrian for Babies and Toddlers | Lalymom
Musical Water Experiments | Still Playing School
Nature on the Light Table | Racheous Lovable Learning
Painted Color Cubes | Still Playing School
Rainbow Pre-writing Activity | Where Imagination Grows
Water Bead Explorations | Tinkerlab

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. I could go on all day about all of the exciting things that can done on a light table. In fact, there are entire communities dedicated to sharing ideas for light table fun and learning. I highly recommend checking out The Ultimate Light Table Guide on Facebook, where you will find over 600 parents, teachers and caregivers sharing the love of light tables!

Why Do We Love our Childcraft Light Table?

Remember how I told you that the kids don’t even know we have our light table yet, because it is our special Christmas gift? Well, that doesn’t mean I can’t share everything we love about the light table.

You see when I taught preschool, I also taught my boys. Our classroom was equipped with the exact same light table. Therefore, we are all very familiar with this light table, even thought it might have been awhile since we explored with it.

Top 3 Things We Love

Durability | Not that children should sit on a light table, or that it is intended for that purpose… it definitely happened on many occasions in the classroom. It always would amaze me how the light table would just continue taking a beating, no matter how the children used or played with it. The light table we had in our classroom was in the room for over 12 years, and is still going strong today!

Mobility | What I love most about the Childcraft Mini Light Table is that the legs can come off and it then becomes a portable light box for any space. This was great in the classroom to put in a corner, at the science table, at the art station, or on the carpet during circle time. You name it, we did it. In our home, this will be the perfect size! While one child works on Math or Reading, the other one (or two) can work on the light table at the table near us.

Versatility| As I mentioned before, a light table is extremely versatile. With the various ways you can set up this light table and the endless possibility of activities, it makes it the perfect item to have with a wide range of children. I know, without a doubt, that my 18 month old is going to enjoy the light table just as much as my 9 year old.

Light Table Coupon

I am so excited to share that Schoolizon is offering my readers a special discount code on the Childcraft Mini Light Table! This makes it even more afforable than ever and makes it a great Christmas gift for your children.

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