Super Crunchy Star Wars Trail Mix

We’re in the middle of planning our upcoming Disney vacation and my daughter is so excited to see the new Star Wars additions – so I’m planning on bringing along this crunchy Star Wars trail mix to keep her happy and focused during our stay.

Super Crunchy Star Wars Trail Mix- Perfect for any Star Wars Party Planner

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As a mom to a sensory kid, trail mix is more than just a snack option for us – it’s a great way to meet her sensory needs while we’re out and about, especially in new environments or places that may be overwhelming.

trail mix benefits

(For more on the benefits of trail mixes, check out this post.)

Crunchy snacks help my daughter focus, which can be good while waiting in long lines or receiving too many conflicting sensory inputs. She also grinds her teeth when nervous, so this gives her an alternative that prevents the headaches and dental damage that teeth grinding can cause.

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How to Make a Crunchy Star Wars Trail Mix

The following are suggested amounts and ingredients for your own Pokemon trail mix – feel free to customize yours as you see fit:

I decided to leave peanuts out since peanut allergies are common – even though it’s not banned from the Disney parks, I wanted to be conscientious of any allergies we may encounter in the lines.

star wars trail mix

Kids  can help measure out these trail mixes and add more or less of the ingredients. My biggest focus was on provided contrasts with the flavors to keep the trail mix interesting, while keeping up that crunch. The salty pretzels, sweet chocolate rocks, chewy marshmallows, and sweet and airy cereal combine to create a crunchy trail mix that is tasty and satisfying for sensory kids.

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Do you have any Star Wars fans in your house that would love this Star Wars trail mix?

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