Crush the Cups and Winter Boredom

Winter can be such a drab for kids. The temperatures drop below freezing and they find themselves inside more than they like. Energy is drained from just sitting around. We’ve got the perfect solution for crushing winter boredom! Both moms and kids alike will love this game. Moms get to drink their coffee and kids get to Crush the Cups. Its a win-win for everyone.

Minute to Win It Game Crush the Cups

**Thank you to Cameron’s Coffee for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to Crush the Cups!”

This mama has always been a coffee drinker. My boys know it. My husband knows it. My friends know it. I love a good cup in the morning before we start our homeschool routine and a cup in the afternoon to pick me up from the busy day we have had. The problem is that I am just one person in a household of non-coffee drinkers. I have always wanted a single serve machine, but the waste of all the plastic has always stopped me from this luxury. That is why I was so excited when I found out about Cameron Coffee’s campaign to #crushthecups.

Basically, they gave me permission to have my single serve coffee AND encouraged me to make a fun winter boredom buster with my kids! I know, sound crazy right?

So here’s the deal.

Cameron’s coffee is dedicated to making coffee while using sustainable practices (a plus any day in my books). They are so dedicated that they have created a single serve cup with considerably less plastic than traditional cups (another win).

Camerons Coffee less Plastic

To top things off, they have made things SUPER FUN! Right now, they have an awesome campaign to Reduce the Plastic and get others to jump on board by crushing traditional cups in a fun and creative way for FREE COFFEE and a chance to win a trip to Hawaii.

I don’t know about you, but I could use a trip to Hawaii (and I can always use free coffee!).

We made this a family event and came up with a game that we think we will be playing quite often now that we have the hang of it!

Crush the cups

How to Play Crush the Cups

What you need

Used Single Serve Cups
Painters Tape
Timer (we used my phone)

Setting Up Crush the Cups

We used the painters tape to create a playing field on the kitchen table. This is completely optional but made it much more challenging and interesting, as we tried it first with no tape. We marked off the width of the playing area (anytime the cups left the area, there was a RESET). Finally, we added a “CRUSH ZONE” that was 6 inches high by 2 feet wide, marked off by the tape.

Each player was given a set of cleaned out used cups and 1 straw.

Crush the Cups Boredom Buster


Play time is 1 Minute.
Each Player blows through the straw to get their cup to the other side of the table in the “CRUSH ZONE”. The goal is to get as many of your cups crushed in 1 minute as you can.
If a cup lands in the CRUSH ZONE on your end of the table, you #crushthecup with as much excitement as you can and shout “CRUSH IT”.

Minute to win it Crush the Cup Game

*If the cup flies off the table, play is RESET. Ready to watch the boys play?

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