Christmas Egg Drop Project

Egg drop projects are awesome for encouraging children to think and problem solve. Ever since our last egg drop project, the kids have been itching to do it again. So when they saw all the left over Christmas wrapping and materials sitting around, they asked if they could design a Christmas egg drop project. I thought it was a genius idea for using the old wrapping paper and bows.

Christmas Egg Drop

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After the successful egg drop that we had in the Spring, I was pretty certain we would have success again. In the very least, I was sure the contraptions they built would be amazing and creative. I couldn’t wait to see what they designed.

Materials for Christmas Egg Drop Project

Setup for Egg Drop Challenge with Wrapping Paper

Christmas Straws
Tissue Paper
Wrapping Paper Scraps
Eggnog Containers

Christmas Washi Tape

Remember, the materials for egg drop projects can vary depending on the age and skill level of your children, or even the season of the project. Since my children were familiar with the egg drop challenge, I actually asked them to make a list for me of materials they wanted to use. It was their idea to use the gift bags and eggnog cartons (I am pretty sure I would not have thought of that).  You can read more about creating the perfect egg drop project here.

Creating the Perfect Christmas Egg Drop Projects

With all the materials set out in an inviting format, the boys were ready to dig in. What I love most about Egg Drop Projects, is the flexibility and creativity it allows. Both boys created VERY different designs with very different plans. Neither one, better or worse than the other.

Designing Egg Drop Project Egg Drop Project

Ever since the Spring, I can’t tell you how many times our Egg Drop Project has been google searched. It by far, the top thing searched for on this site (funny, right). Anyways, I have seen it searched for as “egg drop projects that work”, “egg drop projects with parachutes”, “egg drop project designs” and so on. One thing I notice is that people are looking for  the “right way” to do the egg drop.

Egg Drop Project Examples

There is no RIGHT WAY to the EGG DROP! If there were, would I ever have designed something like my son? No way! Would your child design something like this? That is the fun of the project and the science behind it. Allow your children to predict, test, and modify their projects until they find a design that works for them.

Designing Egg Drop Projects

If they are like my boys, they may even design more than one egg drop project at a time. Now that the projects were done… It was time to test them out!

Are you ready? It’s pretty fun!

Okay, so we didn’t have the outcome we wanted… but it was still awesome and we can’t wait to work on our next one! Once we got inside (away from the cold and the ooze) the ideas started to flow of how we could change the project. What would you do differently?

Christmas Egg Drop Challenge

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