The Holiday season can be a difficult time for parents. Whether it’s involving children in the festivities, creating crafts, helping a special needs child during this time, or traveling young ones; we all are in search of tips during this time of year.

This Holiday Survival Guide for Parents will be a place where I bring you my favorite posts that pertain to the holiday season. I will include post I have written and links to some of my favorite posts as I find them.

Lemon Lime Adventure’s Holiday Survival Guide for Parents:

christmas guilt

alternative gift giving guide

Thanksgiving All year long

  • Thanksgiving All Year Round– learning how to remember gratitude every month
  • True Christmas- Involving children in holiday prep in order to teach the meaning of Christmas {coming soon}
  • 5 Essential Travel Items- our favorite travel items and tips from experts on traveling with children {coming soon}
  • Sensory Overload- Helping your child prep and cope with the excitement of the holidays {coming soon}

Our Favorite Blogs’ Holiday Survival Guides for Parents:


{This page is currently being created and updated:My hope is to link to the articles as soon as they are completed.

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