Totally Awesome Homemade Star Wars Soap

Essential oils are one of our daily routines, but when you’re first getting started sometimes it is easier to incorporate essential oils into already established routines – like bath time! These homemade Star Wars Character Soaps are not just a fun bath time addition, they also bring the benefits of essential oils to your family!

homemade star wars soap

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We love making thoughtful, handmade gifts for friends and these character soaps are a new favorite! It’s an easy way to make a personalized gift without needing any real artistic talent or having tons of time for intricate details. Plus it’s like two gifts in one – once they are done using the soap, they get some awesome character toys to play with!

Homemade soaps are also a great way to include the health benefits of essential oils into your day without much extra effort- just incorporate them into the soap and you don’t need to remember to add them to your bath each time. We also like using homemade fizzy bath bombs with our favorite essential oil blends for another fun way to get kids excited about essential oils.

Totally awesome homemade Star Wars soap!

How to Make Homemade Star Wars Character Soap

First, gather your materials:

We used the cooking oil making these and it was easy to wipe off of the soap once you remove them from the molds or containers, but it wasn’t necessary for easy removal (I just rather be safe than sorry). The rubbing alcohol is good for removing air bubbles – but we ended up liking the effect of the air bubbles and didn’t use it for this batch of soap.

Totally awesome homemade Star Wars soap!

Cut up the melt and pour soap and place in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat in 25-second increments and stir well in between each heating. It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to melt the soap completely.

(While the soap will not bubble up, it is still very hot so stirring should be done by a grown up.)

Totally awesome homemade Star Wars soap!

Meanwhile, line your containers with parchment paper and place your characters in them, ensuring that they don’t go above the edge of the container or they will stick out of the soap!

Totally awesome homemade Star Wars soap!

Stir your essential oils of choice into the melted soap and carefully pour overtop of the characters until they are fully covered.

Totally awesome homemade Star Wars soap!

Spray the rubbing alcohol overtop of the soap if you see tiny air bubbles.

Let the soap set for up to 2 hours before removing from the molds.

Totally awesome homemade Star Wars soap!

My daughter is so excited with these homemade Star Wars soaps – would you try to make your own homemade character soaps?

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