Top Picks 2015 Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Even with the best academics, a child with poor character will never succeed in this world. The following character development resources in the Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum Guide are second to none and will help you in your pursuit to raise virtuous children.

We Choose Virtues

Homeschool Kit w trim

“The nicest kids I know were raised with Virtues” As parents, do you struggle to set behavior standards your family will stick with? Is it hard to communicate your expectations in a positive way?

Who said you have to figure this out all by yourself? We Choose Virtues has tools to help you. We take the guess-work out of parenting and put the fun back in!

Our Homeschool Kit has everything you need to teach 12 essential virtues in just minutes a day. This flexible curriculum works in countless homeschool formats, for ages 3-11.

How it works:

1. Memorize simple action-definitions and antonyms for each virtue.

2. Practice each virtue using real-life demonstrations provided.

3. Reinforce each virtue using colorful posters, sticker chart, awards, and more.

4. Measure your child’s growth with our character assessment.

5. Encourage your child’s effort as they become even more obedient, honest, content, and kind!

Moms are saying…“We Choose Virtues is a game-changer for families” “My kids beg for their We Choose Virtues lessons” “The yelling and screaming has all but stopped at our house. Amazing. Thank you, We Choose Virtues!”

Promo Code HOME20 for 20% off the Homeschool Kit or Deluxe Homeschool Kit.

Happy Kids Songs


Thousands of parents worldwide have learned how fun and helpful it can be to have Happy Kids Songs in their lives. No child can be happy all the time, but all kids can be happier with improved character, social & emotional skills.

Happy Kids Songs are both highly entertaining and age appropriate—adult quality music, but with words and themes that tap into the most common issues confronting kids ages 4-8.

There are 8 different award-winning albums to download, each with 5 songs.

• Teacher’s Choice Award

• iParenting Media Award

• Dr. Toy Best Vacation Products Award

• First Prize, USA Songwriting Competition

• Seal of Excellence Award from Creative Child

• The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

The music is so inviting and upbeat, kids may not notice it’s teaching them a thing or two as they bop to the beats. -Parenting Magazine

I highly recommend this creative and entertaining way to give children life-long tools for getting along! Fabulous full-production music for the souls of children and families. 
-Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

We are giving away three free songs so that your family can experience the quality and benefits of this product. The variety of adult and child soloists, children’s chorus, and wide range of instruments and styles of music easily hold children’s attention, and parents’ too. Click here to download a song from each of three different albums.

The award-winning songwriter and producer, Dr. Mac, is a child psychologist, author, school consultant, lecturer, and writer and director of music for the PBS hit, Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Go to to listen to samples of an additional 37 songs that can be downloaded for 99 cents apiece.


Learning to Speak Life

Learning to Speak Life 400x400 Transparent

Are you looking for a character building tool to add to your homeschool and everyday life? Learning to Speak Life™: Fruit of the Spirit is a self-contained, all-inclusive study introducing your children to what the Bible has to say about each of the 9 fruits of the Spirit. The book covers key foundational aspects of the fruit and makes them relatable to real life for your child through a variety of ways:

  • copywork – each section has dedicated copywork for children based upon age. You can purchase a printable companion copywork packet if you’d prefer that can be used over and over again.
  • confessions – teaching our children to speak God’s Word is vital, these confessions help them get used to speaking God’s life-giving words
  • role plays – a fun way for the family to get involved and act out the fruit of the Spirit
  • silly sayings (think tongue twisters)
  • short stories
  • family discussions
  • family projects – suggested projects to help cement what you learn in real-life ways to serve others
  • prayers
  • digging deeper – tools for those who want to go a bit further

Keep up with our newest products HERE.

Learn more about Learning to Speak Life on our website: Learning to Speak Life™.

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