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Launching July 1, 2016!

Coming Soon Launch Learning with Lego Book

Inside this amazing book, you will find more 100+ ideas from a group of awesome moms and their kids!

What is it about LEGO that kids and adults love?

The many possibilities for learning, imagining, creating, and building to name just a few! Our Unofficial Guid to Learning with LEGO is an amazing book bringing all of these ideas together into one huge resource for kids, parents, caregivers, and educators.

Unique LEGO activities that use imagination but also use early learning skills!

Skills such as literacy, mathematics, science, fine motor, design and engineering are super important for kids to engage in today.

Why not make it easy and fun for them to do so by adding LEGO to your learning activities. Equal parts learning and play will truly make a difference in your kid’s love of learning.

We love LEGO and hope you do too!

All the awesome LEGO activities you will find in the book are kid tested and approved. Not to mention, mom tested and approved too!

You don’t need a huge or fancy collection of LEGO pieces to get started with our ideas. You just need to bring along your imagination and love for everything LEGO!

Let your hands and mind do the rest. We think you are really going to love the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO because it’s just plain awesome. Plus, as we know, everything is awesome!

Sample Activities from the Book

Meet the Authors

Danielle Buckley | Danielle is a former teacher and stay-at-home mom of two active preschoolers. She enjoys sharing playful learning activities and neat ideas that keep her kids engaged and having fun! You can find her at

Dayna Abraham | Dayna is a National Board Certified early childhood teacher turned homeschooling mom of three who’s mission is to remain down to earth while providing ideas for intentional learning experiences ranging from science to sensory play. You can find her at and

Laura Marschel | Laura is mom to two sweet redheads who fuel all the fun. She shares cool kids crafts, fun activities, free printables and parenting tips too! It’s basically all about having fun! You can find her at

Nicolette Roux | Nicolette is a stay at home mom to 4 little ones. She loves to share her simple and easy crafts & activities, printables and learning ideas on her blog! You can find her at

Samantha Soper-Caetano | Samantha is a stay-at-home mom to an active preschooler. She loves thinking of creative ways to engage her son in hands-on learning, including fine motor activities, sensory play, nature exploration, science experiments, and book-inspired ideas! You can find her at

Sarah McClelland | Sarah is a stay-at-home mom of one busy boy. She enjoys incorporating important fine motor skills practice into a variety of hands-on learning activities that her son enjoys. Sarah’s blog focuses on science, sensory, and STEM activities for learning and play. You can find her at

We want to see this book touch the hands and lives of people across the globe and to do that, we need your help!

What We Need You to Do

We are so appreciative in you interest in our new book, we can’t express how thankful we are! In fact, we would love to offer you an ebook copy of our book to review in exchange for any of the following things:

Types of Promotion:

  1. Post a review of the book on your blog including:
    -promotional images of the book
    -your honest thoughts and opinions about the book
    -a mention of one or more of the activities
    -your affiliate links for the ebook
  2.  Include the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO in a blog post on your site:
    -Parenting stories, stories from the classroom, or personal stories that relate to the love of LEGO
    -Blog Post Featuring one of the activities from the book. (without sharing the exact instructions)
  3. Reviews on Amazon
  4. Social Shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This book will be available in several formats:  A full-color, print copy, A Pdf Ebook, and a Kindle version

We’d love you to join in with the book launch tour, and if you are interested there’s the opportunity to join the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO affiliate program, to earn 50% of all ebook sales you generate.

We’re happy to offer all launch team and affiliate participants:

-A free copy of the final digital version of the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO ebook

-Images and other marketing materials to help you promote the books using your affiliate links

-50% commission on all of your sales of the ebook

-Shares of your posts on the Facebook pages of our authors.

-Post pinned to  Learn with Lego Pinterest board (60K+ followers) where you can pin your own Lego blog posts that promote the book.
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