Strike photoDayna

1. I DO NOT consider myself an expert in the field of homeschooling, sensory processing disorder, or parenting.
2. I DO consider myself resourceful, creative, and dedicated.
3. Some might describe me as a little “granola”.
4. I tend to over-think, over-analyze, and spend too many hours up at night trying to find “answers”.
5. I Love My Family (even when I don’t want to be around them)

Papa BearPapa Bear

1. Has a nickname for everyone he meets.
2. Despite being an I.T. wizard; has been hands-off with this blog.
3. Secretly is a rock-star (He played a concert at our wedding).
4. Likes to solve problems and is pretty good at it.
5. Supports our family 100% and we couldn’t make it without him.

Legoman ViolinLegoman

1. LOVES legos!
2. Is drawn to Space, Rockets, and anything science related.
3. At 2 years old, he asked  “Mom, why do you have two butts?”
4. Can sit and listen to books on tapes or read to himself for hours.
5. Loves people and his family, even if he has trouble showing it.


1. Is incredibly comical! He is the only one that can get B to laugh out loud without tickles.
2. Loves puppies, babies and anything small and cuddly.
3. Once told his teacher it was his birthday (it wasn’t) and got his class to sing him Happy Birthday 3 times in one day.
4. Favorite color is Purple
5. He loves his sister and brother more than any brother could and shows it with lots of hugs and kisses.


1. Slept through the night at 6 weeks old.
2. Is expressive beyond belief.
3. Can squeal like a Tyradactyl.
4. Almost always breaks up a serious or trying moment in our house with a “Ahh Hah” or a laugh (works everytime)
5. Loves her brothers and lights up when they walk in the room.



Do you still want to know more about me, and how I went from teacher to blogger?

Are you interested in learning more about Sensory Processing Disorder?


 I would love to learn more about my readers. What are your top 5 things I should know about you?

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Things You Should Know About the Lemon Lime Family Members”

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  3. Rita Jacuzzi Huber

    Dear Dayna, Leoman, Bones ,Papa Bear, and Super B,
    Nonno and Nonna love reading all your adventures.we are counting the days until you will come for our Family Christmas.we are so proud of both Legoman and Bones.
    Love to the Lemon Lime Family!

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