Hi, My name is Dayna. This is about how I went from teacher to blogger…

This is me

I recently was an early childhood teacher in a very large public school system. I dedicated 12 years of my life to teaching other people’s children from preschool to first grade. I strived to create an environment where each and every child felt nurtured, independent and responsible for their own learning. I would like to think my classroom and teaching consisted of hands-on centers, guided reading, inquiry-based projects and out-of-the-box thinking.

As a public school teacher, I always sought to provide an environment that was nurturing, engaging, and inspiring to children. I was inspired by Reggio EmiliaProject Approach, and Fountas and Pinnell.


In 2005, I became a mom to a very special and talented little boy, who I will refer to as LEGOMAN in this blog.Over the course of mothering him, I have learned many things about myself, children, special needs; and know I have so much more to learn. He is the child who requires late nights of research, long conversations with friends and relatives for support, all while providing us with awe and intrigue in the way he works and figures things out.

BonesIn 2007, I became a mother to a second little boy, who I will refer to as BONES. We always joke that Bones slept the first year of his life and was on his own timing. Even now, that still holds true. He is the most loving, caring and nurturing young child and inspires me to look at the world from his perspective sometimes.

Once I was a mother and educator, I had a deeper understanding of what I wanted for children in education. It has always been my lifelong dream to start my own preschool where I could educate young children the way I believed they learned best. To the best of my ability I provided that to my students, even with the pressures of the large system I worked for (“close your classroom door and teach” philosophy).

In 2009, my life took a turn I never expected or saw coming… My family was no longer the picture perfect family you read about on all the mommy blogs. I was the big D word: Divorced. It was my goal to shelter the children as much as possible from anything between the boys’ father and me. I mention this aspect of my life, not to complain, but to be as real to you as I can be. The fact that I cannot control the influences on my boys’ lives to the fullest extent, or the fact that my children miss out on memories I always thought I would have with them plays a tremendous role in the adventures we have as a family.

With this new change in my life, and becoming the sole provider for my family, my dreams of owning a school got pushed even further into the future.  I continued to put my heart and soul into teaching, however I was put in a grade that wasn’t my passion (first grade) and I longed more and more each year for my preschool.

Rain or Shine In 2012, I married my best friend of 11 years (PAPA BEAR) creating a loving blended family of 4. When I say that I never thought life could be this good, please hear me… Life with the right person is just Easy. Now don’t get me wrong we still have struggles, we still argue (We both have the same birthday in May, causing neither of us to back down), and we still face challenges {hence the lemon/lime reference in the BLOG}. What is different, is that I have a partner that helps me make decisions, that understands me and if he doesn’t- he works to figure me out, and who at the end of the day inspires me to be a better wife, mother and friend.

B... Just B

In 2013, we became parents to an expressive and vibrant baby girl; ( B ) . Her brothers love her with all their might and can’t imagine a world without her; neither could we. She has added so much to our family and I know will continue to add flare to our adventures.

With the dream of starting a school, hopes to provide B with quality time with me, and aspirations of being more present for my family, I took a leave from my job and decided to stay home.  I never imagined our adventures would lead me to where we are today… homeschooling and living to tell about it!


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26 thoughts on “About Me”

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  2. Brandy Bolzenius

    I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to follow your blog. I wish we lived closer because I would totally put A in your school.

  3. I love reading about me pages on blogs. So happy to read more about you and your family.

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  5. Hi Dayna! Just finally getting the chance to look at your blog more closely…started with the “About” page and I’m already a fan! 🙂 looking forward to looking around even more!

    1. That is wonderful. I am so glad you like it. Please take a look around. I am especially interested in teaming up with you in regards to sensory needs. I bet you could explain them much better than I could, from the little I have read on your blog 🙂

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