How to Make Snowman Slime – 3 Unique Snow Slime Recipes

It happened again. I was making breakfast when I heard the loudest KABAMM in my living room. What in the world could that be? An elephant? No.  herd of wild dogs? No. My kids were wrestling again. It was the sound of their bodies hitting the floor at deafening levels.

I needed to find something fun for them to do and fast.

“Hey guys, want to make some slime?” This always does it when they are bored and out of options. “YEEEESSSSSSSS.” they all screamed in unison as they ran to the kitchen.

In our house, slime is a go-to boredom buster and calming sensory activity. The kids know where we keep everything we need for slime, how to prepare our area so it stays clean and how to get everything set up. So while I finished up what I was doing, the kids worked together to get everything set up for our unique slime recipes we were about to make. Making snowman slime is easier than it sounds, in fact, we explored three simple recipes and the kids adored each and every one for different reasons.

3 unique ways to make snowman slime

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We make slime in our house as a way to keep the kids from fighting and a way to calm bad moods so much in our house, that we rarely have to even measure any more, but my guess is you might want some measurements.

What if I told you I can teach a trick so you can make slime without measuring spoons and lots of dishes (this makes life easier when its clean up time).

How to Make Snowman Slime with 3 Unique Snow Slime Recipes

In today’s snowman slime activity, we used 3 basic slime recipes to transform white slime into different textured snowmen. The recipes we used were:

Basic Borax Free Slime Recipe
Foam Slime Recipe
Simple Starch Free Slime Recipe

Snowman Slime- 3 Simple snow slime recipes

Transforming the simple slime recipes into snowmen was as easy as 1…2…3.

Here’s What you Need to Make the Most Awesome Snowman Slime

Containers to Make Adorable Snowmen: 
Plastic Snow Globes
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaners

Putting together the snowmen is pretty self-explanatory. My kids LOVED personalizing each one of the snowmen. They decided these would make pretty awesome gifts for their friends too!

Now that we’ve made the containers…. let’s get to making snow slime to fill our containers!

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How to Make Simple No-Borax Snow Slime

Snowman Slime- 3 Simple snow slime recipes

What You Need to Make Borax Free Snowman Slime

White Glue (we love this brand most)
Liquid Starch (we find this in the cleaning section of the grocery store)

Yep. That’s it.

Start by pouring the glue in a bowl and filling the glue bottle with water. Pour the water in the glue and make a simple glue mixture. See, no measuring.

Finally, clean out your glue container and pour liquid starch into the bottle. Mix this slowly in the glue mixture until slime starts to form. Knead with your hands and add to your snowman container.

Snowman Slime- 3 Simple snow slime recipes

One slime done. Ready for the next simple snow slime recipe to keep your kids busy for hours?

simple snow floam recipe

What You Need to Make Floam Snowman Slime

Basic borax free slime recipe (see above)
Foam balls

I know it sounds tricky … FLOAM… but guys, this is just as easy as any other slime recipe we have share with you guys. You know the big difference? Foam balls. That’s it.

Just like before, pour your glue in the bowl and add your water. The difference this time is you will add a cup of foam balls (or less) depending on how “crunchy” you want your slime.

When you have cleaned your container, add in a bottle full of liquid starch and mix until you have a slime consistency. Boom. Slime number two is DONE and ready to play with.

simple snow floam recipe

This slime is perfect for your sensory seekers that love noise, sticky feelings, and crunchy textures.

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Contact Solution Slime Recipe

What You Need to Make Contact Solution Snowman Slime

Now this slime is the latest and greatest recipe floating around the internet. When the world went bonkers about BORAX (which, guys… is a soap) new recipes started emerging. We made our own version and turned into a snowman for this simple activity.

This one requires a tad bit of measuring. So if you are going for no mess, less clean up… I’d go for one of the other recipes above.

White Glue
Water (do you see a pattern here? for this and any slime, if you want it a little less “slimy” add less water)

Iridescent Glitter (we couldn’t resist using glitter on at least one snowman slime)
1/2 tbsp baking soda
1 1/2 tbsp contact solution

Start by mixing your white glue and water in a bowl. Add your glitter for super shine and mix mix mix.
Sprinkle in your baking soda and stir.
Finally add in 1/2 tbsp of contact solution at a time until you get the PERFECT SLIME.

What You Need to Make Contact Solution Snowman SlimeThat’s it.

There you have it.

Three snowman slime recipes that will completely rock your kids socks off and will be perfect for getting things done, connecting with them, or just having some good ole’ sensory fun.

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More Simple Ways to Connect with Your Kids

Totally awesome floam slime for sensory seekers!

Calming-Slime-with-Glitter Essential OIls


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