Must Try Lego Fidget Spinners and Fidget Cubes to Calm Busy Fingers

Just yesterday, as my entire family filed out of the car to go into the hardware store, I noticed something that made me giggle… every single person (from the preschooler to Mr. Lemon) had a fidget in their hand. Everyone had their favorite and continued to fiddle and fidget throughout the entire store. Not only did they keep busy hands from touching the shiny saws, it kept bored tiny bodies from knocking over all of those neatly stacked buckets that are a magnet for little people.

To say that my family loves fidget spinners would be an understatement. In fact, we love all fidgets, from store bought to DIY fidget spinners and cubes. Since we are taking part in Lego Week, we thought it would be a good time to gather our favorite must try LEGO fidget spinners and LEGO fidget cubes to calm busy fingers.

Must Try DIY Lego Fidget Spinners

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Fidget spinners and fidgets have caused quite the stir. In fact, my post about why we should ban fidget spinners went massively viral and I heard from all ends of the spectrum. I even got hate mail (can you believe it?). No matter how many hateful messages I got, they were all worth it when I would get the message that reminded me why I shared my story.

“I gave one to my 1st graders to use while at the dentist yesterday. I had to wake him up and take him straight to the dentist, he was so anxious and upset. Like most kids he hates Novocain, and unfortunately he didn’t have time to get himself in the dentist mindset. That fidget spinner got him through the appointment without any trouble. It was like his anchor. He just kept it in his lap and gently moved it back and forth until they were done.”

I’ve received hundreds of messages just like the one above. This right here is why I continue to share fidget spinners and cubes. Today I can’t wait to share these amazing LEGO fidget spinners and cubes so you can make them at home and encourage creativity!

Must Try Lego Fidget Cubes to Calm Busy Fingers

Lego fidget cubes are so much fun to make. You can make them as simple or difficult/advanced as your like. The act of building the LEGO fidget cubes is calming in itself. It grounds the nervous system through the tactile and visual system. Anytime our Legoman (12) is gearing up and getting upset, Lego is part of his calming plan. A big box of LEGO works 9 times out of 10 to de escalate any impending meltdown.  Here are some of our favorite DIY LEGO Fidget Cubes.

  1. DIY LEGO Fidget Cube You Can Make with Pieces You Already Have
  2. Magically Endless Lego Fidget Cube (It’s Completely Mesmerizing)
  3. DIY Robot Lego Fidget Cube
  4. DIY LEGO Puzzle Cube (Much like a Rubik’s Cube)
  5. Simple DIY LEGO Stress Cube

Simple DIY Lego Fidget Cube


As you see the possibilities are completely endless. If you are looking for your own fidget cube, we absolutely love the originals from antsylab, but these are awesome and feel great in the hand.

Now, if you are looking for an amazing fidget cube, we just got a new shipment in our shop, Project Sensory. (Warning: we sold out of fidget spinners in less than a day when we had them).

The Best Fidget Cube

Click here to get an awesome fidget cube! 

Must Try Lego DIY Fidget Spinners to Calm Busy Fingers

Now that we’ve shared some of our absolute favorite Lego Fidget Cubes… now I can’t wait to share some of these awesome Lego Fidget Spinners. We have some we made months ago, but then a friend had hers go massively viral, so we waited to post ours. Here is hers and a few more awesome DIY fidget spinners.

  1.  DIY Lego Fidget Spinner (from my good friend, Sarah, at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls)
  2. JUMBO Lego Fidget Spinner
  3. Simple Lego Fidget Spinner (Even kids can make)
  4. 5 Different Lego Fidget Spinners
  5. Custom Lego Fidget Spinners (using Technic pieces)

I hope this has given you some ideas and maybe even inspired you to make your own Lego creations to help calm busy fingers.

Many people have also mentioned that fidget spinners and fidget cubes are too loud, too annoying and just toys. There are tons of other options out there if you are in the mood to try fidgets but want to stay clear of a fad. I plan to write a whole list, but for now here are a few to get you started!


The Fidget Fix (5 awesome fidgets for a super low cost)
DIY Stress Balls
Therapy Putty
Rubber Bands (Yes, the same rubber bands you keep on your wrists)
Calming Slime

Sensory Hacks DIY Fidgets for Feet and Hands

Alternatives to Store Bought Fidget Spinners


Oh, and while you are here. If you are looking for more ways to engage your wiggly kids, provide support for your disorganized kiddo, or simply want to take all the frustration out of your day with your little one and you know a kid with hidden “super powers” … you will want to check out my new book coming out in August, The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day (Awesome Games and Crafts to Master Your Moods, Boost Focus, Hack Mealtimes and Help Grownups Understand Why You Do the Things You Do)!

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Super Kids Activity Guide Pre-Order Now

As I mentioned before, this is part of a week long celebration of all things LEGO over at Toddler Approved. She and a group of us bloggers will be sharing LEGO ideas on our blogs and Facebook Pages all week long!

Lego Week Ideas



Easy LEGO Brick Themed Food for Kids– Toddler Approved
LEGO Birds Building Instructions– Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls
Houses for the Three Little Pigs with LEGO– JDaniel 4’s Mom

I will be sharing, pinning and collecting all the great posts from the week. You can follow along by following my LEGO LEARNING board on Pinterest.


DIY Lego Fidget Spinners and Cubes for Busy Fingers

Do you have a favorite LEGO activity? What are your favorite simple summer fun ideas? I would love to hear! Connect with me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.


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