November 2014 Goal Setting

I can hardly believe that I just typed in “November 2014” into the header of this post! This past year has been such an adventure, to say the least, and the calendar turning over to November has made me very reflective. I’ve decided to get back into the groove  of writing and setting goals on a regular basis. At the start of the year, I was consistent with my posting and then as time got busy, the posts stopped. It was not something I was happy about. I intend to change that, beginning with November 2014 Goals.

The only barriers we in life are the ones we create in our minds quote about setting goals

I started with this wonderful group of bloggers at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed getting my goals down. This month, I want to look at why I believe setting goals is important to me, why I stopped setting goals, and my goals for setting goals in the future (seems ironic, right).

Why is Goal Setting Important to me?

For me, goals tell me where I am going. They set the stage for the next time period (however large or small that is). Goals allow me to reflect on what is working and what is not working in my life. Goals keep me focused and organized, because let’s face it.. I am the opposite of organized.

But why is goal setting publicly or in a group important? It boils down to accountability and relationships. By putting myself out there, even though I might be afraid of failure, I have taken a step towards growing. By setting goals publicly I have others to lean on when I can’t move forward, I have others to encourage when they fall, and I have others to hold me accountable for what I say I am going to do.

Setting Goals to Imagine

So, why did I stop setting goals publicly?

If I love setting goals so much and I find them so important, why did I stop?

I figured out that I stopped posting these because of priorities. I allowed my priorities to shift from being real with you, my readers, to gaining more readers. I allowed my desire to create a business to get in the way of sticking with something I know and love. I did this without even realizing. Every month I would put “goals” down in my blog calendar and every month it would come and go.

Then there was the guilt. With each passing month of not posting it became easier and easier to not post. It became this thing that I didn’t want to admit I wasn’t completing. By beginning to post again, after a long hiatus, I feared it would point out my flaws. While that might be the case, it also points to the fact that I am human. Very human in fact!

Another thing I noticed is that I was thinking WAY TOO HARD! Seriously, I made these fancy little goal images I thought could be pinned, I worked on the perfect title (for search engines) and then I would search and search for the perfect title image. What was all of that for? To get traffic to my monthly goals posts? Seems silly now.

Setting Goals to discover

What are my Goals for Setting Goals?

Funny right? What are my goals for setting goals… it makes me smile to even think about the fact that I have to do that, but it is so me! If I do not make a plan for anything, even if it is a plan for how I will set goals and stick to a plan of being consistent, it won’t happen!

With the end of my first year of Lemon Lime Adventures coming to an end, I want to make it a point to post these monthly! I am thinking of it as a tiny newsletter to my most loyal readers. You see, I know this post won’t get thousands of views like my other posts, and I am okay with that. I know this post won’t get re-pinned thousands of times or even shared on Facebook.

So my first goal for setting goals… is to be real!

I plan to treat you like my best friends. I plan to be held accountable by you and to share my ups and downs without all the “prettiness” I put into the other posts. It was my goal when I started this blog and I really want to stay true to that! I want to be real!

Secondly, I plan to schedule these posts into my WordPress Dashboard. Seeing the posts and the deadlines coming closer, will force me to update you.

Next, I plan to NEVER look at the pageviews!

Honestly, if I look at the stats of these posts and read that only 20 people read the post it would be too hard to stay motivated. So, for these posts I am making a plan to not look. I can’t quantitate the importance of staying real, being held accountable, and building relationships (even if it is just with 20 of you) {I secretly hope its more, by the way}.

Lastly, I plan to keep it simple!

I might add a fun quote, a silly pretty image, but nothing that takes longer than 20 minutes. The rest will be ME! Unedited, raw and truthful.

There you have it! My goals for setting goals. Are you still curious about November Goals?

My November Goals

holding hands

Family Goals

  • Hug the kids EVERY day, even when I am angry
  • Tell my husband one thing I love about him EVERY DAY
  • Put away the computer and work for a whole day at least once a week to connect with them, without distraction

Blog Goals

  • Share the story behind Lemon Lime Adventures
  • Finish E-book
  • Develop a posting schedule on Facebook and Pinterest that allows for more time to create
  • Stick to my planner
  • Thank everyone that helped me get here!
  • Start sharing my “blogging” story (if it doesn’t bore everyone to tears)
  • Start monthly Blog Updates

Personal Goals

  • Eat something that makes me feel good about myself each day
  • Tell myself one thing I am doing right each day
  • Anytime I say something negative about myself, I have to write down something positive (this will be hard)


My hope is that you will leave comments, ideas, and share your goals as well.  Every month I will be post at the end of the month, along with my co-host. Visit their pages, read their goals, and tell us yours.

Together we can achieve what we desire!

monthly goals linky at mama smiles

So, tell me… What are your goals in November? I would love to hear them! Connect with me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email in the sidebar. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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  1. What a great post! I also really like the family section of your goals! Hugging the kids and being intentional with your husband by telling him something you love about him.. great ideas !

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you! 🙂

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you so much for your help! I will go check it out!

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