Perfectly Delicious Pumpkin Patch Pudding

Pumpkin desserts are everywhere right now, but for the child who doesn’t love actual pumpkin this classic and adorable Pumpkin Patch Pudding is the perfect choice! With this pudding they can have a fun festive snack!

Perfectly Delicious Pumpkin Patch Pudding!


This pumpkin patch pudding is one of those classic classroom treats that was always at Halloween or Fall events back when we were kids – before Pinterest and the escalating contests for cutest dessert idea ever.

Cute yet to the point – these perfectly delicious pumpkin patch puddings are quick to make for a group and easy to let the kids help with. And need I add, delicious? Chocolate pudding is such an underrated childhood treat that seems to get overlooked.

We used instant pudding mix for this recipe so that the kids could help with every stage – from scratch pudding would be a real treat, or if you’re short for time, just grab the pre-made pudding cups.


How to Make Pumpkin Patch Pudding

First, gather your ingredients:

  • Chocolate pudding mix
  • PLUS ingredients called for
  • Chocolate cookie crumbs
  • Pumpkin marshmallows or candies

That’s it – simple and sweet.


Place all pudding ingredients in a large bowl.


Whip the pudding ingredients together for 2 minutes until smooth and just starting to thicken.


Spoon the pudding into your individual serving cups. You can serve it in a big casserole-style dish but these serving cups makes serving at the event or party easier and you can also use it to encourage portion control with the kids.

Refrigerate the pudding cups until just ready to serve.

When ready to take these to your event, sprinkle the chocolate cookie crumbs overtop of the pudding and then garnish with the cute little pumpkin marshmallows.

Perfectly Delicious Pumpkin Patch Pudding!


What classic classroom treats do you remember from your childhood? Do you have a fun event coming up that these perfectly delicious pumpkin patch puddings would be perfect for?

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