One Life Changing Habit That Will Get You Through Rough Days

Every once in a while, I manage to wake up before my son. I get some quiet time in, and then he wakes up in a great mood and doesn’t mind that I gave him the wrong colored bowl. These mornings don’t come often, but when they do, I almost never take full advantage. See, as a special needs mom, I tend to waste my good moments waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lately, though, I’ve been on a mission to stay positive and embrace the good moments that come in each and every day. Thankfully, I’ve learned about this one life changing habit that will get you through rough days (and it helps you embrace the good days too!).

One Life Changing Habit to Get You Through Tough Days!

Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve come to learn: when you learn to embrace the good days, it becomes a lot easier to embrace the rough days. This simple habit is going to absolutely change your life like it has mine. As moms we set the tone for our family, and with this simple habit we can set a more positive and calm tone.

One Life Changing Habit That Will Get You Through Rough Days

Four simple words: Today I Feel Good

I know, you thought that I was going to give you something more extreme than that, but that is seriously the life changing habit. “Today I feel good”. A simple positive affirmation can truly change your entire household for the better.

To start this life changing habit, start using this positive affirmation on the good days. The days when your child doesn’t have a meltdown getting on the school bus, or the days when you play Pokemon Go and your kiddo talks to a new friend. Simply say to yourself: “Today I feel good” and take a deep breath.

Once you have that down, start embracing slightly smaller moments. Maybe instead of complete good days we start being mindful of the everyday moments that remind us that we feel good. When our kids sleep an extra ten minutes. When we make it to school on time. When we go a car ride without any screams.

And finally, you can use this very same positive affirmation, “Today I feel good”, during the rough days. I know it seems impossible, but every single day has a moment that you can embrace. Maybe that moment is the moment that you open your eyes in the morning. Maybe it’s the moment that your kids finally fall asleep at the end of the night. Take a minute in between the meltdownsthe anger, and the anxiety to remind yourself that today, you feel good.

Today I Feel Good

Once I’ve made it through the day with my positive affirmations, one of my favorite ways to unwind is to watch adult TV and be mindless for a while. Yes, real grown-up television that isn’t animated and doesn’t give me social stories (as much as I may love Daniel Tiger). As a special needs mom my mind is always going, but when the kids are finally in bed and I get to sit down to watch TV I can completely turn my brain off.

One Life Changing Habit to Get You Through Tough Days!

I am really excited about a new show to watch the next time I need to switch off of mom-mode. Good Behavior on TNT is a hot new show that airs in November that I had the honor of previewing for this post!  While I don’t really relate to the main character’s entire life – a con-artist on parole who finds herself in a strange relationship with a hit man – that’s actually kind of the point. I need a break for my brain, and this show does it!

Just because the main character and the plot line of the story are not parallel to mine, there are many things I love about the show that I am taking for use in my own life to help me feel empowered on those rough days! I love Letty’s daily affirmations, one of which is the positive affirmation at the root of our life changing habit.


One Life Changing Habit to Get You Through Tough Days!

Learn more about Good Behavior on the Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Don’t forget to watch the 2-episode series premiere of Good Behavior on Tuesday, November 15 at 9/8c on TNT and listen for the affirmations. Maybe you will find one that drives your day and gets you through you tough days. How do you cherish the good days as a special needs mom? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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18 thoughts on “One Life Changing Habit That Will Get You Through Rough Days”

  1. mami2jcn

    I celebrate the little accomplishments and don’t waste time or get aggravated comparing my son to other kids.

  2. mami2jcn


  3. Julie Wood

    I try to remember that some days are better than others and tell myself that my kids are whats important to me and take time for myself by doing something I love. I try to relax more.

  4. Julie Wood


  5. Natalie

    I am not a special needs mom, but when I have tough days I like to pray for other people. It takes my mind off my problems and stress and puts my focus onto the good parts of life and helping others in need.

  6. Elena

    I cherish the good days by enjoying every moment

  7. heather

    Everyday day is a day to be cherrished as a mom and special needs moms are heros.

  8. Steve

    I would cherish all the firsts as a special needs mom

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  9. Jessie C.

    I cherish the good days by hugging and telling my kids how much I love them.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  10. Jessie C.


  11. Julie

    It feels extremely rewarding having “easier” days but I love every minute and moment that I have with my child.

  12. linda

    this would be great to watch!

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