Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

My kids are obsessed with all things monsters. Of course, when it came time to find some valentines for the class Valentine’s Day party, monsters were a must-have! While my kids’ top priority is a fun and cute designs, I’m also looking for valentines that the kids in the class will love that aren’t full of sugary sweets. Thankfully we found the perfect compromise with these printable monster non-candy valentines!

printable monster non-candy valentines!

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Aren’t those adorable? Your monster-loving kids are going to go crazy over these unique valentines! They’re fun and totally simple to put together. Use these valentines to start talking about monster-sized emotions, or even make some fun monster slime and monster cupcakes, and you can have a whole monster Valentine’s Day party!

Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

printable monster non-candy valentines!

What You Need to Make Monster Non-Candy Valentines

Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

How to Make Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

Download and print out the printable monster valentines by clicking the “download” button below.

Cut out the valentines and help your child address them to the kids in their class. Then you can attach either a monster finger puppet or a monster eraser top, and you’re good to go with an adorable non-candy valentine ready for the class party!

Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

You’ve got an adorable and fun monster valentine, plus it’s completely sugar-free! Trust me, your kid’s teacher and the other class parents will thank you for these ones. Plus the kids in the class will love getting their fun monsters on their cards!

Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

Click to download

Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines

What is your favorite monster Valentine? I love the green fuzzy ones!

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